Fatherhood & Sacred Heart Episode 3


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7 Children denotes family, Creator/creature denotes submission

Our human nature is given a status not possible without the condescension of God. We can do nothing to merit this free gift.

8 Not vital immanence, we are not entitled but gifted

Recalling our show on Modernism, this is not vital immanence, which posits that because we exist to know and serve God, we are then entitled to the beatific vision. Human nature and sin created an impassable gulf between the divine and the creature. https://karen-early.com/archive/modernism-episode-3/

9 Requires belief, acceptance, free will

We must inform our intellect, strengthen our will, and freely accept these truths. God will not save us without our cooperation. The Father will not violate our free will.

Modern world, Catholic church who goes to heaven and who doesn’t, four last things perspective. Past 100 years, Church excoriated belief Communion of Saints, lively sense of hope, gifted with beatific vision. Canonizations, years of prayer and study, devil’s advocate, requires 1 or 2 miracles.

Every person, every person canonized no questions asked. Right of presumption as opposed to gift longed for.

Shift cultural mindset,.

Cemeteries, large monuments, large mausoleums, ancestors treated dead, lively hope for something beyond them. Prayed for them, place to pray for them.

Treat dead so casual. Lucky to get an intact burial. Corporeal work of mercy. Antiquity, brave action of heroine put dirt over brother when dead.

Presume going straight to heaven, no respect for dead boy.

Presumptive love of Father distain for our human self are of a piece.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, consumed with love for us, so far away from authentic burning love. Assume it is there. Presumption.

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