Fatherhood & Sacred Heart Episode 5

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12 Solution: Elevate man’s understanding to that revealed by Jesus through operation of the Holy Spirit. Humility, trust, love, prayer which causes man to turn to the true source of modeling. The only way to the Father and sure guide, Jesus. Formation of intellect, learn in a proper way. Trust in Him, walk behind Him and learn about the Father.

St. Jerome,” Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”

13 Solution: Emotional Healing of Father wound to enter into the fullness of God the Father’s Love Note prior episodes on emotional healing videos https://karen-early.com/archive/forgiveness-essential-for-healing-2/

Sets stage for forgiveness otherwise soul forever in bondage. Recall situation, name wound, ask healing in name of Jesus. Then move into forgiveness, do what He told us to do. Forgiveness & fear two big hindrances to operation of Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness resides in the will, not the emotions. False trap.

Aquinas grace builds on nature. Live in bondage of anger. Forgiveness is not the feeling. Might take many twists and turns. Forgiveness is the seed, not the fruit. Highly emotional people.

Ex/ Don’t feel like making dinner for family every day. Sometimes happily, sometimes begrudgingly.

Hyper emotionalism, bondage, must feel. Must do is will the good.

Imagery of Garden of Graces….

Forgiven always grows beautiful flowers, blossoms of joy in life.

Ex/ Maria Goretti, murdered, mother forgave. At canonization, murdered and mother praying together. Profoundly beautiful. Maria Goretti planted seed of forgiveness in her own mother’s heart. http://www.catholic2point0.com/the-power-of-forgiveness-the-feast-of-st-maria-goretti/