“That none of the career officials tasked with implementing the hoax spoke up at the time bespeaks a rot in the organizational culture that will not be corrected by mere changes in top level personnel. While President Trump and others are always careful to focus on the people at the top and exonerate the “99%” of the working level agents in the FBI (and by extension the DOJ), Toensing and DiGenova are not so sanguine. That people would remain silent when asked to implement actions that are clearly wrong indicates that the rot extends far below the political appointees.” https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/05/joe_digenova_and_victoria_toensing_reveal_brennan_was_the_mastermind_of_the_russia_hoax.html

“It is just another example of how corrupt Obama’s FBI is.

And I say “is” because it is still corrupt because it is still filled with Obama appointees.

It will be decades before the destructive, and anti-American Obama influence in the FBI finally wanes. In the meantime, the upper echelon of the FBI cannot be trusted under any circumstances.”