Fides et Ratio

Texas Black Lives Matter

“ A woman in Texas says that her husband was denied treatment for COVID-19, was moved to a hospice, and then starved for six days after a doctor decided that his quality of life did not merit care due to his preexisting disabilities.

Michael Hickson 46, died on June 11, eight days after he was admitted to St. David’s South Austin Medical Center with pneumonia. He had contracted the coronavirus from a staff member at his nursing home.

Hickson, a Black man, developed an anoxic brain injury and quadriplegia after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest in 2017.”

Christian Witness by Nicole Early Grey

“ Science has been bastardized and taken out of its rightful place to run all sorts of scams on people. That’s because it has earned an authority from being trustworthy and replicable, for revealing useful truths about the world for centuries, contributing to the West’s many civilizational triumphs.

Mass manipulators seize this earned authority as a tool for controlling people. Decent people follow right along for a time, unaware of how science has been hijacked, and that’s how the mass manipulators win for a time.

But the more they use this trick, the more they erode the authority science developed for itself through honesty and patience. Citizens are increasingly aware that what “the science says” is a lie, even if they aren’t always aware of exactly what’s causing this. Instead of taking these legitimate concerns seriously, elites sneer at Americans for being ignorant rubes and “science deniers.”

These elites shouldn’t be surprised that their lack of concern for scientific integrity undermines not only one reliable way for learning truth, but also the legitimacy of their governance based on lies.”

“In her voluntary exit, she’s speaking the truth about what is happening at The New York Times, something which is likely being repeated at publications across the country. Weiss, a self-proclaimed centrist, declares that the free exchange of ideas is no longer acceptable in the NYT’s offices. Her “forays into Wrongthink” have been met with opposition and bullying. This development is happening quickly, for Weiss argues that only two years ago editors could write pieces which would now get them “in serious trouble, if not fired.”

The reason for this, Weiss writes, is that “intellectual curiosity—let alone risk-taking—is now a liability at The Times.” Everyone must be in sync with the “new orthodoxy,” “liv[ing] in fear of the digital thunderdome” which can squash them like a bug if they dare to present an independent thought in their writing or even at a pitch meeting.

Such a state is tragic, Weiss implies, especially as she knows many working within The Times don’t believe in the new orthodoxy, but feel trapped and unable to speak out.”

Bad ideas often have disastrous consequences.

“If we are to confront and stop the destruction, we must identify why the ideology of destruction is so appealing. We need to understand the foundational, driving force.Writing about Charles Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of Eighty, Myron Magnet digs into one of the deeper impulses that animates man: The desire to be God.

Magnet uses the term “revolutionary millennialism” to describe what happens when that individual desire is found on a mass scale. The term itself is actually borrowed from the historian Norman Cohn and his book Pursuit of the Millennium.

Essentially, millennialism represents a deep frustration with the human condition and the inability to overcome our limits. It is an “overcharged self-cherishing” that is convicted of the “immaculate holiness of one’s own impulses coupled with a certainty that one was incapable of sin”. Oddly enough, the ultimate manifestation of this uncorked rage is not in a great act of creation, but rather great acts of destruction. The end of revolutionary millennialism is a lashing out at everything that may tell us that we are not God.

Why destruction? Because “millenarian movements belong to a long tradition of popular protest against the irreducible unfreedom of the civilized condition.” To free ourselves to be God, we must destroy any limits placed upon us, including those by civilization and even our own soul and reason. We can only be free when our passions are freed.”