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“ the president would have to do is explain his sadness, not anger, sadness and dismay over what he is hearing from Democrat governors and legislators in New York about aborting children during birth or after. And he could just say, “Is this who we are? Is this what you want in your future? Is this what you think the United States of America is?” And then go down some of the other wild-ass proposals these people are making on other things and present the contrast.

Trump is, I think, uniquely not just qualified, uniquely capable of doing this, because it’s gonna be one of the rare times anybody on our side has such an opportunity to reach such a large audience where the media can’t ignore it and pretend that it didn’t happen. Oh, yeah, they’ll edit the hell out of it afterwards and they’ll rip Trump a new one into smithereens afterwards and so forth. But I think it’s pedal-to-the-metal time here. This is the kind of thing that has to be done.”

Trumps comments over several decades ages incredibly well. I well remember the ‘pious fact checkers WaPo etc’ hooting and hollering that Trump didn’t know what he was talking about. Scaremongering, appealing to lower common denominator. Deo gratis that HRC lost, lost, lost. MAGA.

“Mind you, Trump didn’t say the procedure was legal at the time. What he said was, “If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of that baby.”

In other words, he was making a predictive statement based on the abortion extremist trend the Democrat Left was already on two years ago.

After being mocked for his statement, guess what happened in Clinton’s adopted home state of New York last week? That’s right: Legislation was passed and signed into law allowing physicians (and even non-physicians) to ‘rip babies from the mother’s womb just prior to birth’ and kill them, using an overly broad “health” exception for third-term abortions.”

This is an excellent question. If parents are capable of killing their own children for profit, who wouldn’t they kill? Abortion is the issue of our age because it reveals so much about society. “The obvious question now becomes this: If these Demoncrats are thrilled about murdering their own children (i.e. future Demoncrats), do you think they will hesitate one bit to start murdering Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters or white people?”

“Even if Murray believes the laws on infanticide are sufficient, why would she—and the Democrats—want to stop a bill that enhances legislation of great moral weight? If a child born alive does not have a right to life, then human rights are a chimera. Why worry about anti-discrimination laws if we begin by discriminating against children at the time of birth?

Murray was chosen to do the bidding of the Senate Democrats because she is a Catholic woman. In 2014, she sported her Catholic bona fides by staying up all night to draw attention to the issue of climate change. But unfortunately for the kids, her Catholic colors did not kick in yesterday. We have reached an alarming level of moral imbecility when politicians are more exercised about changing weather patterns than they are infanticide.”

One of the many, many lies percolating in our culture is that legal abortion is safe, coat hanger free abortion. The NY and other state laws have clearly shown, so called safe abortions are not the goal. Infanticide is. Why?

“Last year, a Texas Department of State Health Services report identifiednumerous offenses at Whole Woman’s Health from 2011 to 2017, including rusty equipment, failing to properly disinfect and sterilize instruments between use, lacking proper written operation procedures, improper storage of hazardous chemicals, unsanitary surfaces, failing to follow up with patients, holes in the floor, and more.”

iuA brief introduction to the Summa Theologiae

The Summa Theologiae is a systematic work comprising three large parts. The First Part, usually referred to by its Latin name Prima Pars, is concerned with the nature of objective reality, starting with God as the Source of all being. Aquinas considers the existence and nature of God as Creator and as Trinity, the creation of the universe, and the nature of man, the crown and synthesis of creation made in God’s own image.

The Second Part of the Summa is so large that it is subdivided into two parts. The First Part of the Second Part, the Prima Secundae, deals with happiness (flourishing) as the goal of human existence; the general principles of morality, which conduce to happiness; the natural law, which guides man in his quest for happiness; and human and divine government, which exist to assist man in his quest. The Second Part of the Second Part, the Secunda Secundae, treats the virtues as the way man lives out the moral principles, and the opposing vices that deter man from attaining his final end, which is happiness with God forever. The Secunda Secundae also treats of the various states of life, the vocations by which God calls man back to Himself.

The Third Part of the Summa, the Tertia Pars, considers the Person and work of Jesus Christ, Whose incarnation and atoning sacrifice provide man with the grace to fulfill the requirements of the moral law, and thereby to be united with God. After treating of Christ in Himself, Aquinas turns to consider the Sacraments of Holy Church, which is the mystical body of Christ wherein He pours out His grace to man, to unite man to Himself in time and in eternity.

Considered as a whole, the Summa Theologiae may be considered as a mirror of reality. It starts with God the Creator, Who as Love gives being to all things, which in their turn seek the perfection of their created natures and thereby return to their Source. Man, as the cosmic priest of creation, sums up all things in himself and, by making a free gift of himself back to God, thereby brings all creation back to its Source. Reality is thus likened to a vast metaphysical circulatory system, with created beings flowing out from God Who Is Uncreated Being, unfolding their essences in time and attaining their various ends, and thereby returning to their Source for which they unceasingly yearn. This is the deeply biblical vision that runs through the entire Summa Theologiae, and on which the very structure of the text is modeled.”

But Edward Peters is and agrees with you Msgr. Pope.

“It must be made clear to all that no Catholic can support such legislation. But the governor and others have done even more: They have called for celebrations and hope that other states will follow the “bright light” of their example.

This cannot be allowed to stand without canonical penalties.

I am not a canon lawyer, but the truth is clear that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not in communion with the Catholic Church. At this point, canonical penalties forbidding him to receive Holy Communion — or even, if possible, issuing a formal excommunication — are simply affirming what is already true and what he himself has done.”

A cannonist weighs in on the disaster of human sacrifice enshrined in NY. I agree, the timing is abysmal.

“In short, has not Canon 915’s moment, at last, arrived?

Its timing, I grant, could hardly be worse: the Church’s prestige (in the good sense of prestige) is battered; ignorance of how basic canon law works (seasoned with antinomian attitudes among Church leadership) are common; and Catholics in the public sphere have grown thoroughly accustomed to doing Catholicism as they see fit and show little inclination to be told otherwise. Pretty much any cleric who attempts to apply Canon 915 in any noticeable way should expect to be called a pedophile and ignored.

But all of these are precisely reasons why I think Canon 915’s moment has arrived. The Church’s profane power is unlikely to bring about internal reform in this area today; but the divine witness of laity and clergy faithful to her teachings, can.”

Recently Ted & I had the good pleasure of attending Holy Mass in Tyler diocese. Happily contributed to this good bishop with a note of encouragement. “Knoxville, Tennessee, Bishop Richard Stika and Tyler, Texas, Bishop Joseph Strickland both indicated that if Cuomo lived in their jurisdiction they would take action. Strickland urged Cuomo’s ordinaries to do so. “

Human sacrifice will promise some ‘good’ only results in misery for all.

“He continued, “He (Gosnell) was convicted of allowing untrained and unlicensed non-medical personnel to perform abortions. It is now legal in New York for non-physicians or any ‘health professionals’ (undefined) to perform abortions … He was convicted of performing at least 21 late-term abortions past the legal limit of 24 weeks. It is now legal in New York to terminate a pregnancy up until the due date. In New York, there is no longer any such thing as a ‘late-term’ abortion.”

Why stop at birth? Why not go back to Roman times, father decides until 2yrs? Think of the money & research possibilities. Is this a society that is viable? “Discussing the controversy over Democratic delegate Kathy Tran acknowledging her bill would allow abortion when a woman was going into labor, Northam said, “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. So I think this was really blown out of proportion. We want the government not to be involved in these types of decisions.”

Cowards is a polite term. Hw much $$ do the Dems send to the Church? 40% of bishops budget comes from government. “Catholic leaders have become cowards preferring to look the other way when the rich and powerful pull out their wallets. Have the Kennedys been sterling examples of the faith? Do pro-abortion Democrat Catholics have the nerve to blatantly receive the Holy Eucharist because they know the priest won’t dare refuse them?

“That’s the thing with liberal “do-gooders.”  They can preach causes of peace in any global event from Syrian refugees to caravans of economic migrants from Mexico yet act as demented mass-murderers if questions of the ethical decline of our cultural is raised by these new laws.  Pro-abortionists pretend that this new legislation somehow progresses women toward a utopian future when, in reality, we’ve never been closer to tossing babies into the Tigris River like the barbarians from our history.

Third-trimester abortions are now legal in the state of New York, the same state where you can be imprisoned for up to a year if you sell a baby rabbit before it’s eight weeks old.  Because for some wicked reason, liberal lawmakers, like ancient Roman women, value animals more than babies. “

Wrong tense, Trumpster. Not are becoming. Just are. “Democrats are becoming the Party of late term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders and Crime!” the president tweeted Thursday morning.”


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