Forgiveness- Essential for Healing


Part II

The logical question arises, how does one receive emotional healing? Practically, what must one do? I think there are two basic approaches, a written and verbal approach. The wounded soul in cooperation of the Holy Spirit will determine which method is more suitable. Perhaps, some may find a combination of the two to be beneficial.

The written method consists of finding a quiet space devoid of distractions. The wounded one writes a letter to the perpetrator, honestly detailing what occurred, not glossing over the pain or injury, and invoking the Name of Jesus to forgive the evil. A spiritual director or therapist can be very helpful in deciding whether to give said letter to the other. The vast majority of the time, the letter should not be sent. Its main purpose is to acknowledge soberly the wrong committed and to sever the bondage of anger and resentment.

The verbal method uses our active imagination in conjunction with our identity as children of God. As believers who have the Holy Spirit residing inside of us, we have both the authority and power to perform the acts that Jesus did. One of those Christ acts was healing, and in this case healing emotional wounds. Depending on the severity of the wound, a trusted friend or spiritual mentor might be advisable in case of a PTSD reaction if it should occur.

As in the case of the written method, find a quiet space devoid of noise and distractions. Recall the incident and the associated feeling involved. If it involved a sinful action, and if not already confessed, ask the Lord’s forgiveness. Then in the Name of Jesus, ask the Lord to remove this hurt and to replace it with the opposite. For example, if an incident evokes the feeling of anger ask for peace, or if it engenders fear ask instead for courage. This recollection can take a while as one incident may engender several negative feelings. Continue this process, each negative emotion one by one.

Praying Medic is a prolific author, lecturer, and divine healer.  He has a YouTube Video discussing and demonstrating how to use this method. Here is a link to both YouTube and his own website [ Feb. 26, 2017 @47:18  or Feb. 27, 2017 @47:18] Supernatural Ministry- Using All the Tools God Has Given Uswhich discusses emotional healing in depth.

The basic steps are

  1. Identify the emotion feeling now. Whether one can remember the past                         incident is irrelevant.
  2. “Jesus, I ask You take the [hurtful feeling] away from me.
  3. Jesus, I ask You to heal the wound in my soul.
  4. Jesus, fill my soul with the opposite positive feeling.
  5. Jesus, I receive Your healing
  6. Thank you, Jesus.
  7. Repeat until negative feeling is gone.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all in the spiritual realm. However, as this process is so simple, it is reasonable to try it before moving on to something more complicated and costly.

Sometimes, negative emotions are really tormenting spirits meant to discourage the believer. There are malevolent spirits of anger and fear. As children of the Father, we have the authority to rebuke these evil spirits. Our guardian angel, patron saints, and the love of Our Lady are powerful antidotes to these malicious attacks. Exorcised holy water, blessed salt, and blessed candles are also effective tools. Catholics have a wide arsenal at their disposal to use against the Adversary. Use them, that is why they are given to us.

One should also not be surprised if the healing is lost at times. Sometimes, the negative feeling is reactivated by a new incident. Other times, fear invites the wound to re-emerge. If this occurs, simply go through the previous process from the initial healing. Often times, it is much quicker the next time.

Regardless of the method of healing the emotional wound, the Christian is now able to truly extend sincere forgiveness, which Christ asks of His followers. Invoke the Precious Blood of Christ to cover both the perpetrator and aggrieved alike. The Precious Blood of Christ covers all hurts and wrongs as it was the price of our salvation which through the New Covenant unites us to our heavenly Father. It is a powerful remedy against Satan. A sample prayer for the Precious Blood is located in Prayer Cenacle.

Healing of emotional wounds is essential to the work of forgiveness. Though often overlooked, it is prior to forgiveness. It is a simple action that both the young and old can learn. I use the word simple, because if an action is essential to the spiritual life, as forgiveness most certainly is, it cannot be the sole property of a few enlightened ones. Rather, forgiveness and healing must be something accessible to all. Christ gives to all a sozos, life in its fullest sense: body, soul and spirit. Sozosis a Greek word used 110 times in Sacred Scripture . Jesus clearly warns of the thief and His alternative to sozos. Jn 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Take Jesus at His Word. His promises are true. He wants to give us both forgiveness and healing. True peace.


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