Four Last Things: Episode 1

  1. Preamble to Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell need to define these terms, give examples, draw implications for current circumstances
  2. Death= separation of body from soul.
  3. Human person comprised of body, soul, spirit 1Thes 5:23 Hylomorphism compresses the anthropology of man to matter and form, with the form comprising both soul & spirit. I will follow the thinking of Paul.
  4. Body is the matter, material substance bones, tissues, cells, etc Rocks have a body
  5. Soul is the life of the body. Animals and plants have life or a soul. Rocks do not have a soul only matter, body.
  6. Spirit. This is the immortal part of the human person. It is not annihilated. It does not cease to exist after death. The spirit is directly formed by God. Only an immortal being can give immortality. It directs the intellect and will. Angels & demons are persons who are pure spirit. Animals and plants do not have spirits. Man does not become an angel or demon after death.
  7. Porphyry’s Tree of Hierarchy of Being maps this out. Studying logic with my children this was basic logic and primary to understand the world around us.
  8. Bio-Ethics is the study of determining when death occurs and in what manner the human body should be treated. Even after death, since the body housed the spirit, it is worthy of respect. Excellent resources that I know personally are The St. Joseph Foundation or
  9. Texas Right to Life

A moment to be motivated what and if beyond death. Entry into new form of life eternal beatitude or eternal separation of God.

Augustine City of God discusses what is death. Is hell real, annihilation, etc.

circa 400 AD 2 death 1. Soul from body only man 2. Second death final end suffers eternal punishment. Body will participate in final judgement, for good or for eternal damnation.

  1. Judgement after Death- 2 General and Particular
  2. General Judgment or Universal Judgment occurs after the General Resurrection at the end of time when Kingdom of God will come in its fulness
  3. A new heavens and a new earth 2 Pet 3:13, cf Rev 21:1
  4. The visible universe destined to be transformed St. Irenaeus “so the world itself, restored to its original state, facing no further obstacles, should be at the service for the just sharing their glorification in the risen Jesus Christ” (# CCC 1047)Jesus Christ is the location of the new heavens and earth. When Christ presents to his Father an eternal and universal kingdom, then God will be all in all.
  5. Primarily for the elect to honor and praise God in his providence and wisdom
  6. The entire person will be judged, body & soul according to their deeds.

Lack of true comprehension on our part, things after death temporal sense of our soul and body separated, we really do not know what type of time element unfolds. We are obligated to know what is need to be the good and faithful servant.

Deut 30:19

Tolkien & Chesterton on Fairy Tales: ”Children are innocent and prefer justice, while we are wicked and prefer mercy.” Not lovers of justice, only want mercy.


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