Freedom & Precious Blood VI


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  • 1970 scientific study performed by Professors Linoli head physician of united hospitals of Arezzo and Bertelli with the University of Siena

  • This study was performed under the attentive eye of the Archbishop of Lanciano and the Provincial of the Friars Minor Conventual, the diocesan chancellor, and assorted other personnel.

  • 500 tests over 15 months

  • March 4, 1971 some of the following conclusions were presented

-flesh was striated tissue from the heart wall with no materials or agents used for preservation

  • both flesh and blood found to be human
  • Both the flesh and blood were AB same as the Man of the Shroud[1]

  • only a skilled anatomical hand could have dissected the heart tissue

-Though the relics were reserved in receptables, these were not hermetically sealed

  • Professor Linoli noted blood from a cadaver would have quickly altered due to spoilage and decay.

-Proteins in the clotted blood were found to be normally fractionated with the same ratio of protein found in normal fresh blood.

  • The tissue was considered living because it reacted to all the clinical reactions distinctive to living tissue. It is as if the specimens had been collected from a person that very day.

-This ‘normal fresh blood’ is 1200 years old at the time of the study.

July dedicated to Precious Blood prayer,

Demonic out in force. Anima Christi for POTUS, witches summer solstice, Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart

Jews cry out to Pilate, ‘let His blood be upon us and our children’

Inadvertently says the right thing, we must cry let His blood be on us and His children

  1. Saints

Heroic Virtue can also be categorized as a miracle something beyond nature. During the process of canonization, heroic virtue that is considered for proposal to the faithful for emulation. Thomas Aquinas’ brilliant analysis of the faith is not why he is first canonized saint, which is fundamental to being a Doctor of the Church. His sanctity was determined to be heroic and worthy of merit. After this had been determined, his writings were then analyzed.

Saints in every age give to their contemporaries concrete examples of how to live with authentic freedom and a properly formed conscience. Sometimes, saints transcend their own time period to become witnesses for future generations. Doctors of the Church are one notable category. Another category of saints are those directly tied to the Incarnation.

Sts Anne & Joachim, our Lady’s parents are an example of transcending the ancient near east contemparies, their feast day is on July 26 in the West, July 25 in the East. Sources from both the West & East will be used in our speculations.


tribe of Judah, Nazareth of Galilee[2]

herdsmen, shepherd his own sheep

rich enough regularly doubled offering required by law

typically supplied the poor and all feared God[3]

each year he divided wealth (lambs, sheep, wool) divided 3 parts: orphans, widows, poor; one portion to temple; kept a third for himself[4]

married Anne/Anna at age of 20 years

Anne– Tribe of Levi

After 50 years of marriage no children

Vowed any offspring dedicated to the Lord (Hannah & Samuel)

One year, a high priest spurned Joachim’s annual temple gifts,

“It is not lawful for thee to stand among them that offering sacrifice to God, because God has not blessed thee, so to give thee seed in Israel. Cursed is everyone who has not begot a male or female in Israel!”[5]

Bareness was a curse, a source of deep humiliation for both Joaquim and Anne

The high priest told Joaquim his situation must be corrected before he brought offerings to the Lord.

Joachim did not return home after the Temple’s rebuke but headed with his flocks into the mountains to fast until the Lord looked upon him.

Anne too departed the Temple weeping bitterly. Anne sat under a laurel tree and prayed, “O God of our fathers, bless me and hear my prayer, as thou didst open the womb of Sarah and gave her a son, Isaac.”

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