Freedom & Precious Blood VIII


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VII Practical Considerations: How to recognize authentic freedom & form conscience

Means to develop authentic freedom and& properly formed conscience.

  • Examine our life with both OT, 10 commandments, wisdom literature, & NT norms esp Sermon on the Mount, Pauline epistles gossip.

-Start when very young in the home. Nightly pray Evening or Night Prayer, Liturgy of the Hours

  • Good Confession, specific, targeted not vague and general, personally relevant, form amendment to change. Self-focused, not other centered. Number and kind.

-Lack of vocabulary, lack of education in naming sin. Told we are virtuous. Hell, sin avoided. Guilt as normal, name for it is helpful.

  • 7 deadly sins articulate going to confession. ‘People perish for lack of knowledge.’ Giving people names of thing essential to the human person.

-Practical is real, to be understood must be articulated.

  • Lifelong study of the Faith

  • Good friends including the saints Ann & Joachim, Peter & Paul

  • Silence, Greg’s advice in Fatherhood episodes Tv, radio, mobile. Mary pondered in her heart. Ponder is a human attribute.

-Where do we spend our money? Follow the money shows what we value.

  • Where do we spend our time? Time is currency of relationship, a measure of what we value.

VIII Exhortation Authentic Liberty & Conscience finds the most secure expression in Christ Who is the Way, the Truth, The Life. There is no other means.

Courage requisite in the times. The life called to live counterculture, fortify, well-formed conscience, the sacraments fortify. Tap into wellsprings of grace.


What is at the heart of liberty? Feb 28, 2017