Garden of Graces Episode 11 Nicole Pt1


Introduction of Nicole Grey

Volunteering nature

Patent Lawyer

Mom of  7

Student Loan Debt Payoff 100K

Dave Ramsey March 2008

1K/month right out of college

7 months married, pregnant first child

Takes contractor job in Iraq during war

Middle school Marianne helped to blind children how to ski in MD

Nursing homes, elderly

College HUD housing developments be a friend

Patent attorney clinics pro bono during law school

School boards, PTA

How James and her paid off student loan debt?

James married 2007, didn’t know the situation, couple months after accumulated, almost 100K

Out of sight, out of mind

March 2008 Dave Ramsey’s course, student loan major contention in marriage, on DR plan, come to Jesus moment, do something

Graduated from college 1000/month no job to pay for debt & living

Contractor job in Iraq

Had been deployed with Army, 2005, pregnant with first child

Scary, overwhelmed, many go into denial, just part of everyone else

Scary, nothing in the making

First job correctional officer with MARC police while figuring out. James takes on weird jobs to support the family

Felt a little discouraged, look broader than just comfortable. Oil rig, big money quick. Somehow got contacted with contracting. Paid a lot during the Iraqi war.

What were others during with their big $$? Many used as spending money further lifestyle at home.

There has to be more than make big money, win a Vegas blown the next day.

The goal for debt, get rid of debts as fast as possible, all paychecks went to paying off staying debt. 5K/ month

Nicole took job to cover living expenses, paid off very quickly.

Focused mind. Thermostat filled with red, screen shot sent to James.

James took time to read books money, marriage, leadership, history