Garden of Graces Episode 16 Nicole Pt6


Personal Formation

Get up each morning, put dinner on the table, laundry

Corporal works of mercy


Zellie Martin

Conversion stories, gift of the Faith

Endow Program Doctors of the Church

Bible Study

Deep dive into Catechetics


Moms group read Thomas Aquinas

Summa Theologicae playgroup

Life of the saints, how they struggle and personal foibles

Augustine City of God

If looking for the Faith, you will find it

Christ longs to be found

Prayer life changes as we age, different stages

Underlying desire to know and follow faithfully

Offer up the sacrifice of tending to children during the wee night hours for

The virtues of purity, chastity, and their future vocation

Nothing lost in economy of salvation

Young mothers have child like confidence- this is the faith that moves mountains