Garden of Graces: Episode 3

Growing sanctity transition from subjective experience to objective path

Independent of bishop & pastor.

Commandments given love with mind then hearts. Beauty & lesson. God is knowable through the intellect without any emotional benefit. Intellectual pursuit, God is real 7 knowable. Longs to be known. Confession restless to rest in him. Be in a loving relationship with him. From 3rd intellectual ascent without visible fruit.

Thomas Aquinas taping day no stories, reason seems hard. Training the mind enables one to read both TA & JPII (moaning of reading Apostolic letter to families in a major arch diocese from so few families). Time to learn the skills necessary.

Familaris Consortio, Theology of the Body essential to combat modernist flirtation with subjectivity. Make oneself objects. No longer the actor but an object in a disorder world. Knowing is important