Gift Outweighs the Cost: Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost II



To know that one is loved without reserve, is the firm basis for happiness.

Christ promised to make our joy complete as His was Jn 15:11

The Catholic Book of Bible Promises (Servant Books Ann Arbor, Michigan) 1970

Happiness starts in this life and is brought to completion in the world to come.

Abiding in Jesus’ love, living the life He points out, is a life of joy.

Truthfulness, consistency, honesty, fidelity, temperance, and the other virtues are but manifestations of a life patterned after Christ.

Ex/ Homes where spouses see each other with the eyes of Christ, I see happy marriages. It is the difference between how can I help you? versus what have you done for me lately.

Ex/ Employers that have employees that see their ‘work hours’ as an entrustment need not wonder if they are being robbed either of goods or time on productivity. Wanting to do their best is a personal standard not a mercenary one.

Trustworthy, delight to be with, a glow from their spirituality. This is happiness.

Well-ordered life.

Politics, Aristotle, final end, enough for self and more to be generous.

God= complete in himself, more to give to others

Christian who is poor always have enough for self and to give to others.

Widow’s pot never goes dry, Elijah, enough in pot through famine enough to give to another.

Christian soul, always cause for happiness, pot never runs dry. Economy of God is complete.

Divine economy always sufficient.