Google News

“Ad tech firms and publishers have had to stay in the good graces of Google or risk insolvency.

That is why the U.S. Department of Justice is examining the dominance of Alphabet Inc’s Google in online advertising as part of a potential antitrust investigation, two sources told Reuters.

Google’s control over the market has long hurt the profits of smaller advertising technology companies who must appease the No. 1 online ad firm to be profitable, and online publishers who need Google’s search reach and ad tools to build an audience and make money on their content.

The ad market is just one of several areas of possible inquiry.”

Of course, point 3 is an obvious lie.

“1 Google saves years of information on purchases you’ve made, even outside Google, and pulls this information from Gmail.

2 It’s complicated to delete this private information, and options to turn it off are hidden in privacy settings.

3 Google says it doesn’t use this information to sell you ads.”