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“But there’s something else that Dr. Schuchat and the CDC aren’t telling these parents or the public about this AFM outbreak, and it involves the vaccine for polio that the CDC says every child needs to receive as part of the CDC’s official vaccination schedule.

As we reported last year around this time, AFM could very well be a vaccine-caused illness – the consequence of children taking the polio vaccine pushed by the very same CDC that’s trying to pretend as though AFM isn’t all that big of a deal.

Over the past several years, the mainstream media has taken notice that hundreds upon hundreds of children are becoming mysteriously paralyzed by the disease, which does, in fact, have a link to the polio virus found in polio vaccines.”

“Its therapeutic value is so highly regarded in alternative medicine that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is guaranteeing that the 2018 Farm Bill will include a provision to legalize industrial hemp.

“It’s an extraordinary plant,” McConnell was noted in saying.”

“The new stance of the Texas Republican Party comes just days after President Trump himself announced that he would “probably” support a bill that would protect legal marijuana activities in states where cannabis has been legalized. When asked about the bill, sponsored by Senators Cory Gardner, R-Colorado and Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts,  Trump reportedly replied, “I support Senator Gardner. I know exactly what he’s doing. We’re looking at it. But I probably will end up supporting that, yes.”

Gardner has said Trump “promised” that he would support and protect states’ rights regarding cannabis and would be in favor of federal-level changes to provide more consistency across the board.”

“The flu shot has killed a senator who promoted it, even he realized that the symptoms were caused by it, died age 47. None of the mainstream media are reporting the obvious link with the vaccine, whereas if he had had flu or measles they would use the story to drum for more vaccines.

RIP to Senator José R. Peralta, another victim of pro vaccine propaganda.”

“condition. Shane Morgan is currently on life-support in the Intensive Care Unit after contracting a rare disorder that has left him unable to move or speak, in need of a ventilator to breathe, and having to be fed through a tube. Shane has developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), which Monique Morgan says her husband Shane contracted “as a result” of the influenza vaccine which he received on Nov. 2.”


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