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Excellent video. Agrees with my conversation with ER doctor.

“ That means, currently in California, you have about a 0.026% chance of dying from the Wuhan virus. These numbers differ vastly from the “woefully inaccurate” (Dr. Erickson’s words) models that first predicted millions of Wuhan virus deaths across the U.S.

Dr. Erickson next asks the important questions that many politicians in the U.S. seem unwilling to consider as most of us remain in some form of shutdown: Do such numbers “necessitate sheltering in place?” Do such numbers “necessitate shutting down medical systems?” Do such numbers “necessitate people being out of work?” Of course, the answers to each of these questions should be a widespread and resounding “NO!”

“ Having made it their “life’s work” to understand immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, and virology, Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi conclude that all of our sheltering in place, excessive hand washing, not touching our faces, wearing of masks, wearing of gloves, disinfecting our homes, and so on, has robbed our bodies of their natural ability to develop immunities. In other words, by staying home for extended periods of time, we are weakening our immune systems. The longer we do it, the worse it gets.”

“ The doctors note that the scientific and statistical evidence does not at all justify the general public becoming as terrified of this virus as they are and as the media continues to make them feel every day.

These two men note, from the evidence they present, that the chance of most of the public dying from the Wujan virus is actually very low and that, overall, it does not seem much worse than the seasonal flu. However, it is definitely now known that for persons with the frequently noted pre-existing health conditions, the virus has been very dangerous and that is where the larger majority of the greater than normal number of recorded deaths for an annually occuring virus have come from. ”

“ Folks, take off those stupid masks. There IS NO PANDEMIC in the vulgar sense of the word. CoronaCold is a SEASONAL CHEST COLD. The masks DO NOTHING. They are a pure act of psychological violence and terrorism, a punitive measure designed to humiliate into submission, and to extinguish fraternal Charity. Wearing a mask is assenting to the lie.

There is no pandemic. There is only a cold.

Misanthropy is evil, not virtuous.”

“ In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces.

Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders.

Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls.”

 This Stanford study that did antibody testing in Santa Clara confirms the Italian antibody testing reported on HERE.

CoronaCold is a seasonal chest cold, it is working its way through the population and most people who get it fight it off with either zero symptoms or just get a mild cold… JUST LIKE A STANDARD SEASONAL COLD VIRUS.

You can’t quote a percentage if you don’t have an accurate DENOMINATOR!!

Why did the world fall for this garbage? Because the public and private schools have essentially stopped teaching even basic arithmetic to comprehension and mastery. No one understands what a percentage is or how to calculate a percentage. And it’s all intentional.”

“ The accusation caused significant controversy, as it came from an adviser to one of Tedros’ rivals, the British medical doctor David Nabarro.

That adviser noted that Tedros was in charge of Ethiopia’s public health at a time in which it proclaimed itself to be entirely free of cholera for a decade – a bacterial disease that causes, among other symptoms, life-threatening diarrhea. Ethiopia managed to declare itself cholera-free by diagnosing patients with the disease as having “acute watery diarrhea,” even when tests proved that the bacteria causing diarrhea was that associated with cholera.

“In an interview, Dr. Tedros, who was Ethiopia’s health minister from 2005 to 2012 and remains highly regarded for his accomplishments then, denied covering up cholera,” the New York Times reported. “Outbreaks occurring in 2006, 2009 and 2011, he said, were only ‘acute watery diarrhea’ in remote areas where laboratory testing ‘is difficult.’ That is what the Ethiopian government said then and is saying now about an outbreak that began in January.”

Tedros also defended himself by bizarrely comparing himself to former FBI director James Comey.”