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“ The research — which reviewed more than 190 studies investigating how chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) affect cancer cells — describes how the malaria drugs may increase tumor sensitivity to existing cancer treatments.

Based on their findings, first study author Ciska Verbaanderd, from the University of Leuven in Belgium, and her colleagues say that the drugs “deserve further clinical investigations in several cancer types.”

The review was recently published in the journal ecancermedicalscience.”

The Virus is not about honest science. 

“ A newly published article in the journal of New Microorganisms and New Infections (Epub ahead of print on August 20) shows that “no Torsade de Pointes or related deaths were found to have been reported as a result of HCQ and azithromycin use in the peer reviewed literature. To the contrary HCQ/azithromycin were uniformly found to substantially reduce cardiac mortality and also to decrease thrombosis, arrhythmia and cholesterol in treated patients in recent peer reviewed studies and meeting presentations.” This negates FDA and CDC’s warning of “fatal cardiac toxicity from Torsade de Pointes (TDP) arrhythmia from HCQ use”. This study shows that the restriction on the use of HCQ to treat patients infected with CCP virus lacks scientific basis.”

Simple to kill. No vax necessary. Cui bono?

‘ Because I’m involved in developing these in the U.S. where all the patients are, there are a number of studies that are amazingly successful. We’re talking close to 100%. In fact, we haven’t seen a result yet under 100%. It looks like corona is very simple to kill,”  Professor Thomas Borody, medical director of Australia’s Center for Digestive Disease. “It’s available as a prescription medication. You wouldn’t use it alone … but you add two other things to it such as doxycycline and zinc.”

Ivermectin is already approved by the FDA and is on the World Health Organization’s list of model list of essential medicines.

Read Newsmax: Australian Professor: Ivermectin ‘Amazingly Successful’ in Killing Coronavirus |
Urgent: Your Heart Attack Risk Determined Online – More Info  “

“ One post they tweeted discusses Dr. Fauci’s relationship with Bill Gates and how they are pushing for a coronavirus vaccine to be inserted into 7 billion people on the planet.  This post also addresses Dr. Fauci’s and the WHO’s efforts to prevent the use of HCQ and efforts to shut down those doctors who want to tell the truth about HCQ’s use:…”

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Speaks in Germany Today in Massive International Event Dedicated to Protecting Children from Dangerous Vaccines

Should have opened up back at Easter. Cui bono?

“ The peak appears to be around the weeks of April 18 and April 25, with a steady decline until the beginning of July. The virus spiked throughout the month, but then began to slide again in August. For all age groups except 75 years old and above, the weekly deaths dropped well before 1,000 by mid-month, and are all near zero now.

Take a look for yourself at the CDC site.”

COVID CRASH: Here’s The Incredible Chart The MSM Doesn’t Want You To See

“ The hypothesis that glutathione deficiency is the most plausible explanation for serious manifestation and death in COVID-19 patients was proposed on the basis of an exhaustive literature analysis and observations. The hypothesis unravels the mysteries of epidemiological data on the risk factors determining serious manifestations of COVID-19 infection and the high risk of death and opens real opportunities for effective treatment and prevention of the disease.”

It really is not about the virus.

“Dr. Andrew Boston, MD continues with his great reporting on the status of the China coronavirus.  Results from data collected since August show that although some college student have contracted the virus, none are being hospitalized:…”

COVID on Campus – Nearly 26,000 Students on 29 Campuses Identified with COVID – But ZERO Hospitalized, ZERO Deaths

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