Hierarchical Response


“It does appear as if the “Vice Pope” is on some campaign to change the Vatican from within, and that he is doing so with what amounts to an illegal slush fund , financed by George Soros.” http://realpolitikasia.blogspot.com/2017/02/vice-pope-cardinal-oscar-rodriguez.html

Will O’Malley need to go into hiding aka Viganò? Maybe Dolan will employ the sometimes silence approach.

“O’Malley, who is president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, seems to have fallen out of favor, at least to a degree, with Rome and Pope Francis, perhaps relating back to his revelations regarding the involvement of multiple Chilean bishops in homosexual sex abuse and cover-up and his own criticism of the Holy Father’s mishandling of the case of Bp. Juan Barros.

O’Malley’s public declaration that he had indeed passed a letter to Pope Francis from Juan Carlos Cruz, a sex abuse victim of Fr. Fernando Karadima, whom Barros protected, became an enormous embarrassment for the pope and high-ranking Vatican officials, with the pope having to go as far as publicly acknowledging his own personal failure in the case and apologizing for his actions.”


Disclaimer: NB the source.

“The Rev. Donald G. Timone, 84, is the subject of an internal investigation by the archdiocese, but had continued to celebrate Mass in New York and California, more than a year and a half after an archdiocesan compensation program paid settlements to the two men, as detailed last week by The New York Times.

A spokesman for the archdiocese, Joseph Zwilling, said on Friday that the archdiocese would no longer allow Father Timone to remain in ministry while it weighed permanently removing him.

One of the men who came forward with claims of abuse by Father Timone committed suicide in 2015 after what his widow said was a decades-long struggle to come to terms with the abuse.”