Hierarchical Response

I must ask, what is the purpose of the proposed changes? If it isn’t increasing souls saved, what might it be? Do these intelligent men not know what Weigel knows?

“The Church’s doctrine “is not a matter of local options,” warned Weigel, adding that “wherever that has been tried, as in Germany, the results have been pastorally catastrophic.”

He also wondered about the seriousness of the current consultation with bishops, as it takes place in the space of just six weeks.”


“At the same time, federal and state authorities will be tempted to exert more control over the affairs of a weakened Church. Meanwhile, more Catholics will leave the Church, more churches and schools will close, and more young men will be dissuaded from entering the priesthood.

According to Professor Scott Hahn, the current crisis in the Church is worse than the crisis precipitated by the Reformation. Others have described it in even more apocalyptic terms. Cardinal Raymond Burke has characterized it as “possibly the worst crisis that it’s [the Church] ever experienced.” “Our Lady warned us at Fatima about an apostasy from the faith,” said Burke. “I believe there’s been a practical apostasy from the faith with regard to all questions involving human sexuality…”

“When he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio went to bat for Father Julio César Grassi, who was accused of sexual abuse of minors and seminarians. To prevent the conviction of Grassi, Bergoglio commissioned a series of books that cast doubt on the victims’ testimonies. Although Grassi was eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison, the pope reportedly declined to meet with his victims or to remove him from the priesthood.”