Hierarchy News

“Your eminences, your excellencies: Wake up! Rome is burning; stop fiddling. You are not facing a simple problem but a full-blown crisis; not a temporary setback but a thorough rout. You are facing unprecedented losses for the Church: loss of believers, loss of institutions, loss of our Catholic patrimony, loss of souls. You can no longer proceed on the assumption that what you do this year will be pretty much like what you did last year. If you do, you will fail in your sacred duty.

To restore the Church, you must first restore your own credibility. Drop the damage-control approach. Stop fearing the truth, start telling it, and demand that others do the same. Face the fact that right now, the credibility of Catholic bishops ranks somewhere between that of used-car salesmen and telemarketers—and with reason! And you are charged with the duty of proclaiming the Gospel, carrying on the mission of the Apostles, introducing the world to the Word. You must make the elimination of corruption, the restoration of credibility, your top priority. If you don’t nothing else that you do will matter.

The restoration of the credibility of the Catholic Church: that will be my own top priority, too, in my future work. Tomorrow, in another column, I’ll explain how I plan to go about it.”


“The 7 Eyewitness News I-Team obtained a copy of Parisi’s resignation letter, which outlined his decision to withdraw from the seminary, stating at one point, “My parents instilled in me a basic sense of faith and morals. I have come to the realization that the values and morals of this seminary and diocese do no correspond to my own.”

Mr. Parisi makes specific reference to recent revelations concerning a seminarian who was pursued sexually by his confessor writing, “I cannot, in conscience, pursue a priestly vocation within this diocese. The manner in which this case has been handled by the diocese, as well as the manner in which so many of the other clerical sexual abuse cases have been handled is disgusting and revolting.” Parisi goes on to reference the RICO lawsuit filed Wednesday under the Child Victims Act alleging widespread corruption, blackmail, manipulation and fraud against the Diocese.”