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A new pope alone will not solve the massive, massive crisis.

“They are, without a doubt, the most liberal group of Cardinal-Electors ever assembled. At least two of them are widely known in Roman Circles for their “gay” preferences (and the word “gay” is used here advisedly, to include the whole homosexual “gay culture” mentioned by Benedict XVI in his 2005 document on seminarians to be avoided), as well as 2 liberal Jesuits. Even those explicitly non-liberal, as the Abp. of Kinshasa, were chosen probably due to their extreme proximity with the German Church and the concerns of the German bishops.

As for Michael Fitzgerald, chosen as one of 3 non-voting Cardinals, we recall this 2006 post, on why Benedict XVI sent him far away from the Vatican.”


“In naming the cardinals who will be his advisers and will choose his successor, Pope Francis has taken a different approach. Father Adolfo Nicolas, the former worldwide leader of the Jesuit order, reported that Pope Francis once told him that he hoped to remain as Pontiff until “the changes are irreversible.” Packing the College of Cardinals with like-minded electors is an obvious step in that direction.” https://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/the-city-gates.cfm?id=1754

“Stephen de Weger, an Australian researcher into adult sexual abuse in the Church, told the Register that the hierarchy is classifying adults as vulnerable based only on some objective condition, such as old age or cognitive impairment. But de Weger said this is a mistake, because sexual abuse involves an abuse of power which can and does occur regardless of the individual adult’s status.” http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/how-a-culture-of-predation-puts-seminarians-at-risk-for-abuse

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