Hierarchy Response

“Fear on the part of bishops to confront the world is a factor; the fear of the world. Even though they may personally be against homosexuality, they fear a confrontation with the world. Clerical cowardice: again, clericalism.

But the deepest reason, in my opinion, is that there are mighty clerical clans among bishops and cardinals who want to promote and change in the Church the divine moral law on the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts and of the homosexual lifestyle. They want to make homosexuality acceptable as a legitimate variant of sexual life. In my view, this is the deepest and perhaps the decisive reason why they were silent and failed to address this. “


It is pastime to ask Why? What benefit do the bishops get? These men are generally smart and politically savvy so there is a bennie. My guess, it is how they get to keep their many crimes covered up and the government money flowing. Justice is being served, hot and ready.

“The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), an agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), annually provides anywhere from $9 million to $15 million to political agitation groups every year. For fiscal year 2017–2018, the CCHD issued a total of $10,418,500 in grant money to such organizations.

The problem is that every year, despite constant denials and promises, the CCHD funds organizations that are directly promoting abortion, homosexuality, Marxism or heresy; or they are members of coalitions that do these things or their leadership is involved in them.

And this last grant cycle is no different.”


Developing story….

“In addition to the allegations aired by Fr. Cowan, the Gaylord Diocesan Watch said that his “situation is only one of several cases our group is researching at this time.” The group anticipates presenting “information about other egregious violations of sex-abuse rules and regulations by Bishop Raica.” Moreover, the group said that the bishop has stonewalled them for at least two years and has refused to rectify “obvious scandals.”

According to Dr. Dubavec of Gaylord Diocesan Watch, the first canon law expert Fr. Cowan consulted regarding his case was Fr. Edwin Dwyer JCL, a young priest of the neighboring Diocese of Saginaw. Fr. Dwyer was removed from his parish on Jan. 30 by Bishop Walter Hurley, ostensibly because he introduced elements of the Mass that are considered traditional. Dr. Dubravec wondered, in his interview with LifeSiteNews, whether it was coincidental that two young priests of a traditional outlook were removed at nearly the same time.

The Gaylord Diocesan Watch issued a statement on Friday that Bishop Raica has refused to meet with members of the group. According to the group, a diocesan spokesperson told them that a meeting with the bishop is not necessary because of the Michigan attorney general’s ongoing investigation into diocesan policies and possible cover-ups of abuser priests.”



“And, are you sitting down for this one? Our sources inform us that he is keeping completely out of the public realm that the final bill for the report was $500,000.

A half-million bucks for a report paid for by New York Catholics that he has decided to keep from those same New York Catholics and essentially ignore or at best delay taking any action on because it would look bad for him that potential predator clergy are currently ministering in his archdiocese.

How do people in the archdiocese — lay staff with children — sleep at night, going home knowing that they are a party to all this?

Church Militant has been saying for years now that the rot is far greater than most realize. In fact, it’s so deep that until this generation of bishops is simply gone — and whoever they have promoted have also died — nothing short of direct divine intervention is gonna affect change.”


At this point, it is not ignorance from lack of information. The USCCB knows what it wants to fund and why. Please stop finding excuses for them. It is insulting to one’s intelligence. The interesting question, what does USCCB get in return for this $$? “All told, since 2005, the NWBCCC has received $325,000 in nine different grants from the CCHD. And the problems with this grantee continue. NWBCCC’s recent activity shows not only the continued promotion of homosexuality, it also shows that NWBCCC is promoting abortion through its membership in the Campaign for New York Health coalition.” https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/despite-warnings-cchd-continues-funding-immoral-activism

When this story first broke, I had not a sliver of doubt what would have happened to me if I cheated in this manner. Then we find out, Rosica has a decades old habit of cheating and a fake degree. Clericalism at its finest.

“De Souza was referring to the machinations of a former prefect of the Vatican’s secretariat for communications. Last year Monsignor Dario Viganò doctored a letter by the Pope Emeritus to give the wrongful impression that Benedict had endorsed a volume of essays about Pope Francis’ theology. When caught, Viganò (not to be confused with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò) stepped down.

“A communications chief cannot continue if he manipulates documents in order to deceive,” stated De Souza. Pope Francis, to the surprise of many, however, kept Dario Viganò on as “chief deputy” of the secretariat.

Repeating that a student, professor or journalist would be dismissed for plagiarism and adding that it would be “up to him to find a new path”, De Souza explained that the Basilians are responsible for Rosica and hinted that they should find him a new role.  “