Homeschooling I

  1. Purpose many state and local governments are proposing educational plans that many parents find abhorrent
  • masks

-lack of exercise

-online instruction

  • Marxist ideology


What should parents consider give hope & confidence opportunity for something beautiful for children.


Sara oldest son 28 yr, throws of HS, early education counts, 28 yrs

Movement in infancy, Sara accidental homeschooler, never preplanned thought

HS antisocial, on political fringes, not main streamable, had enjoyed parochial & public school and mostly satisfied with both venues

Younger son, nonverbal, musically gifted,

county school mandated K-12 sex ed

catholic school went from ½ day to full day kindergarten not happy

moved for a job, transitioning did not want to disrupt

Son ‘unschoolable’

Introduced to HS

Reassess HS every year.



This form of education fit lifestyle.

Study from books & at places. Museums in DC wealth of choice. Make use of environment, more than once a year field trip


All together kept invested. Successfully 4 kids into college. Senior-2nd grader in the home.