Homeschooling II

Homeschooled youngest 4yr- 7th grade, 8th grade studied 12- 13 yrs all girls school in VA

Liberal school, academically, argue for herself

HS 2 sons, 2 years thrust on us unexpectedly

I had a desire to HS but needed to move from familiar surroundings

HS extends to many others


Look for graces this year

Twins going to Catholic high school, meet with math & English teacher knew telos

Felicia unsure for high school, watched how to educate through high school, always a good option, she had been formed in critical thinking

Proverbs Way child way to go

Latency period, child real & unreal, visible and invisible world, early years critical

Relationships, instill values, opposites, thoughts explored in safe environments

Both sides of arguments, right & wrong with family values

Authentic Socratic questions, to lead to truth

Firmness of conviction safeguarded in hostile setting

HS unique place to equip the child

Short memories, educating a child is a creation of modernity. ‘Normal’ leaves home at 5 years from 8-3:30pm see as normal.

Peer circle is =/-6 months this is novel with educational history

Finishing of education is later in life, Aristotles & Aquainas

Educated in modern sense consider what it means to be educated