Homeschooling III

  1. Parents discovered they had time to be at home and enjoyment with their children in learning process

III. Simplification of lifestyle during virus event. No fancy vacations, no expensive sporting games, no summer camps, almost no going out to restaurants and very limited shopping. Going to the Mall is not a thing. Decreased spending overall and for some a paydown of debt. This has created an opportunity for parents to educate their most precious gifts, their children.

Frontline Doctors  there are societal effects of lockdowns. However, some parents really enjoyed the process after the shock

  1. Homeschooling has been the public mind for many years. It is a familiar concept.
  2. Many parents are vigilant about what goes on in the classroom. There is a level of oversight not present a generation ago.

Parents are the primary educators[1] of their children. #3 “Since parents have given children their life, they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognized as the primary and principal educators.[2]

VII. Sara’s approach and thoughts

A Inside thoughts, head reason & heart reason.

Head reason grow in age grace 7 wisdom before God & man.

Strong heart goal, love of child, come a day too hard, house in turmoil, all want is peace

Draw deeply on heart reason, Church no one can educate, love, know as well as parent. No one is willing to push past weakness like a parent.

Vocation is open to all who are married and blest with children. Right comes from duty.

Subsidiarity can use helps from community, not a unique talent, open to anyone.

God called me

He equips those He calls.

B Civil Matter HSLDF

Home School Legal Defense Fund resource search own state & jurisdictions requirements to homeschool and process to follow portfolio, standardized tests, etc…

Last thing want is a truancy officer knocking on door, knowing rights before the law

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