Homeschooling IV

The ‘Why of Doing Something’ is the driver?

My interiority drove math curriculum, reader, explicit phonics McGuffey Spalding McCullough

Ignatius Faith Series, integrative Faith home

Penmanship critically important

If thrust into HS, reassure first year a lot of wonderful resources, buy whole curriculum as a whole, some reassured. Not at all to disparage others.

Simplification forced, needs vs wants clearer. Same for education, some instances too much information thrust on them. Go to basics, a lot of gaps not aware of.

6th grade on down grammar years, giving them the basics, copy beautiful essays The Harp & Laurel Wreath: Poetic and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum Laura Berquist excellent memory and copy samples.

Royal hours, what are they, use that for the most important subject for the family

Karen’s typical daily schedule, order of importance

Open Prayers & Pledge of Allegiance in Latin (key subject started in First grade)

Penmanship (Seton)

English- Primary (Shurley, phonograms)

McGuffey reader

Singapore Math

Spelling Wise Guide

If all I got done was this, it was a successful day.

Brain develop at different times with different subjects. HS allows for this flexibility.

Some boxed complete homeschool curriculum


Memoria Press


Mother of Divine Grace