Homeschooling IX

Last minute thoughts

Online distance education for some classes, creative writing teachers but this is not 8 hours in front of tube

Debbie Yonan, “Remind you to breathe. Enemy hates homeschooler, sacrificial surrender to Father. Turn away from enemy to Father, wants only good for us. Act of obedience to the Father, spiritual sacrifice.”

4 How common is it for the mom to experience a ‘what did I do moment’ in October?

Calendar, what need to change, new way to teach, recharge. Fresh approach. Decide if this important. Not core indpt learning skill. Detach reassess. Do need someone to give bigger ideas. Community. Join into another structure, teach and set off.

No advertising, God matches, clients, advisors, God’s great match. Covid collapsed Regina Coeli in some places, a lot of education has been impacted.

Lack of sibling rivalry, serendipitous learning

A lot of resources, plenty of support, information, people motivated out of love for children

First year disaster for mom, then know what to do. Get 2 years for first 1 year. Quick start programs. 4-6 weeks. Never too late. Always enough time for what God wants us to do.

Best time management do what God wants you to do.

Remind, 2 pages ahead. Don’t need to be experts in anything. Directing moms. I don’t know let’s look it up.

Learning disability find, standardized test Seton, match them to score.

Little boys, male ego, opportunity to learn.

No Facebook, no control, security risk. Agreed.

Addendum (not covered in video)

Karen’s Approach to Homeschooling

liturgical calendar, holistic approach to the Faith.

Ted reading at breakfast table from a religious source (and once a year Shakespeare)

Objective External measure, comes from a Catholic philosophy, CAT 5, personal assessments of children, in the summer Early Bird and Reading Masters (reading camps) with an educator whose sole direction from me was to let me know what I was missing. I presumed I was missing something and I wanted another set of experienced and intelligent eyes to help me.

  1. Community involvement TORCH, great resource for religious parties, educational resources, fellowship. No man is an island. We are made for community.
  2. My program was eclectic. The Early Academy, we used family crest on the uniform breast, motto Fides et Ratio.

I enjoy curriculum development. I knew the math & reading curriculum I wanted to use, Singapore Math and McGuffey Reader using the methods of Spalding[1] & Myrna McCulloch[2] explicit phonics. I had been educated in this method with continuing education course for gifted teachers in the area.  This same instructor also conducted the reading camp in the summer that my children attended she knew them and could be honest with me. Wise Guide by Wanda Sanseri was my spelling component and Seton had an excellent handwriting program. The liberal arts text was Shurley English. The children worked on penmanship most everyday while learning the Faith. I highlight again, this was MY approach. It does not NEED to be your approach.

> I tried wherever possible to do many skills in one activity.

>Latin, and then Greek, were key to my curriculum. I regret, we did not get to Hebrew.

XII PE was broad. I saw it as an introduction to many things, so the child could find what they enjoyed. Ice skating, swimming, soccer, horseback riding, tennis, basketball, lacrosse.

XIII Telos? For my sons, their telos was a boy’s catholic high school. Their older brothers went there and they wanted to as well. I made an appointment with the math teacher to make sure what I was covering in math would sync with the incoming freshman math course. For Felicia, I did not know what I was going to do with her in high school in my area. I knew I could homeschool if we deemed that was in her best interest.  As it turned out, for her, she was so well prepared she spent a year in VA at a girl’s independent school, followed by her high school in a very secular co-ed private school. The formation she received, coupled with her personality and many supportive people, enabled her to be very successful measured both spiritually and academically.

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