Homeschooling V

Liberal Arts fundamental to thinking

Logic 5th-6th grade sister patent attorney, sometimes one a week ahead, learn alongside

Just need to be 15 minutes ahead gained over many years of mistakes before ownership of knowledge

Reassure conundrum of some teachers teach entire world but not her own child

Honest assessment more terrifying educate own child because of great love for them. Teachers of course love the student but it is different if the child is your own.

>Don’t be afraid to learn beside the child. Courage booster for child, learning is lifelong, find answer didn’t know before

Bill Mounce Greek Seminary level with my 6th grader opens up world in other areas, helps in some many other ways

Modeling, takes notes, memorize, partner

  1. Sara & I have extensive and different, personalized, approaches to homeschooling. We want to offer our thoughts and experiences in case you find yourself in the homeschooling decision. After this, I will offer some thoughts from a homeschool advisor I used while homeschooling. St. Thomas Aquinas Academy can be thought of as a ‘homeschool broker’. Much like insurance brokers know a variety of insurance products and custom fit. So too, STAA has a broad view and can help tailor a homeschool approach that makes sense for the family.

As always, ‘your mileage may vary.’

Want children hungry to learn. Gentle simplified structure in home permissible and thorough, permit actual goodness hear to duplicate. The method is sure. Love supply for a lot of defects. Room for everybody.