Homeschooling VI

Not a one size fits all

Interiority drivers

Financing this endeavor

Some think homeschooling=free schooling

Can do it on a shoestring, country libraries, paper cheap, workbooks fairly cheap,

$500/child books, supplies reasonable to budget

Can spread the cost over time if necessary

Get what pay for? What is amount worth to family? What can I do, what is possible?

More opportunities, worth the investment. Piano lessons, 15-16 yr for music lessons

Trips, zoo teach homeschoolers, membership 1-2x/wk

Vacation part of homeschool budget, somewhere specific

Budget can do it cheaply, limited what is necessary, pay for what think is necessary

All driven by your values, money where values are

Ex/ Geology study, draw rivers, mantle, trip out west Grand Canyon. I knew vocabulary to remind kids from past lessons. Do you remember when …? Sing geology songs. Priceless.

Serendipity within HS is incredible. Knew where kids are. No time actually wasted.

Ex/ North of Germany an island extended family, stand in a marsh, salt swamp, North Sea smell and a taste, memory of people, little ponies

Homeschooling is taking the child to Hagen Das