Homeschooling VIII

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  1. Debbie Yonan

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Questions for Debbie from interview

1 Families who have unexpectedly been thrown into HS decision where do they start?

A two categories HS subjects- core independent learning skills penmanship left brain builder, entire life, formal reading instruction through 5th grade level, formal math instruction math reasoning different math fact, sentence structure

Phonics spelling

Math facts 3x/7 min day

Formal grammar

formal composition training, different than personal writing

Composition with check list, evaluate from checklist, find someone who knows what the measure

Content based courses

Religion, history, literature, fine arts music & art, science languages kids can pursue themselves

Library good nourishing books & literature, Baltimore Catechism ‘know Him…” capable of knowing

Ex/ Ben Carson mother 3rd grade education, could not read or write heard of Bible & Shakespeare. She told them to write what they read, give it to her unbeknownst to her sons her lack. Incredibly wise. Role model of homeschool mothers.

Kids good nourishing books, means of developing wisdom.

KJV formed English language, Shakespeare pinnacle of English language.

2 How does a family decide what kind of homeschooling style do they have

Prayer, Regina Caeli can be ambitious learning, classical learning. Core independent learning skills

Unschooling does not, angry resistant kids, kids don’t know what they don’t know not fair

Math with solution manual, highlight step missed

3 Will the parents ruin the children’s education if there needs to be an overhaul midway through Takes two years, can’t do it one. Takes a year to quit yelling at the kids

Humor a needed component. Astounding, kindred spirit.

Regroup 2 years in 1 year missed learning. Methodology changes to match the child.

First principals is the child not education. Foundations matter. The child is the primary focus. Children used as political football. Put needs of child before other wants. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose one owns souls.