I Can’t Hear You

“ All of this reflection leads us to a difficult yet necessary cry of the heart to our bishops and to the Holy Father himself. It is painful to admit that too many of us clergy are a source of scandal either by action or inaction. The faithful are not only discouraged, they are confused and scandalized. Many have been led to think that sins like divorce and remarriage, homosexual acts and idolatry are compatible with the Catholic faith. They are not! Yet some of the most awful things have been done and said by Church leaders (purportedly or definitively) without any clear explanation, let alone attempts at refutation.

Of particular concern are atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari’s claims that the Holy Father believes in annihilationism (that the damned are simply annihilated by God and that Hell is empty), thinks that Christ on Earth was not divine, and denies the bodily resurrection of the Lord. These claims have been addressed by the Vatican only in vague terms. We are told that Scalfari doesn’t always get everything right, that he doesn’t always faithfully record or represent what the Holy Father says, and that he sometimes misunderstands.”


“ Victims wrote a letter to Pope Francis in 2014 and warned him of the dangers posed to children by Corradi in Argentina. This was seconded by a letter that a victim gave to the Pope personally in October 2015, which named Corradi and 13 other priests. But it was not the Church that shuttered the school: it was Argentine prosecutors who shut it down two years after Pope Francis was advised of the abuses. ”