Iran News

“Trump, after the incident involving sea mines or torpedoes of two foreign tankers and the downing of an American unmanned drone, decided to take the Pompeo route and stopped short of retaliatory measures involving the death of many lives and instead opted for more thorough and damaging sanctions.

This wise and measured response has been well received by the international community but roundly criticized by the neocons and some Democrats as showing a lack of American resolve and decisiveness.

What Trump is doing on Iran is trying to fix decades of bad policy and deflect their atrocious behavior in the region and as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism. The Mullahs are reluctant to change their evil ways even if there are variations in their political views. Allolalias may come and go but Iran is stuck in the grove it alone created.

But the pressure Trump has applied and the persistence to stay the course is increasingly likely to achieve another outcome. It is something Trump would applaud, and his advisors would all support, namely: regime collapse.”