Whether Francis sincerely repents or not is moot, in terms of justice. GA is not alone. What happened to the TX Rangers raiding DiNardo’s office?

“Penn said, in his experience, the church still clings to secrecy and obfuscation

“Hopefully, it’ll be different with the state involved. https://www.ajc.com/news/state–regional/review-looks-abuse-allegations-atlanta-archdiocese-and-savannah/vDEyo8wwtCN57gRr20TchP/

What’s going on with the raid by the Texas Rangers? “The investigation marks a major escalation in the abuse scandal, which has resulted in massive settlements for victims and criminal charges against individual priests but not the larger institutions. It’s unclear whether Becerra’s office is also seeking records from other California dioceses. But one source told The Times that other dioceses were being contacted by the attorney general.” https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-church-los-angeles-investigation-archdiocese-sex-abuse-20190503-story.html

“The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office is still waiting for Catholic officials to turn over sexual abuse records ordered in sweeping subpoenas about two months ago. Attorneys for the dioceses of Omaha and Lincoln said the institutions wanted to comply with the February subpoenas issued to more than 400 Catholic churches, schools and other groups as part of a state investigation into clergy sex abuse. The subpoenas came after Attorney General Doug Peterson asked Nebraska’s three Catholic dioceses to voluntarily turn over four decades of child sexual abuse records. The only documents that haven’t been released include psychiatric evaluations of alleged perpetrators, medical records and confidential settlement agreements, according to the diocese attorneys.” https://cruxnow.com/church-in-the-usa/2019/05/03/archdiocese-attorneys-push-back-on-nebraska-abuse-subpoenas/