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First on the list, in my non-legal but moral opinion, should be dioceses, school, and principal unless they in like manner, i.e., recant loudly and voraciously.

BTW, has anyone else noticed how weak the denunciation of infanticide by the same voices?

“He also said they would be filing the first round of lawsuits “within two weeks.” Todd V. McMurtry, a Ft. Mitchell, Ky attorney, is also representing Sandmann and his parents. Doug Schloemer, a Ft. Mitchell, Ky attorney, represents a number of other students and Robert Barnes, a California attorney, is also representing families and students of Covington High School.

The legal action by  Sandmann’s attorneys is ramping up after notices demanding preservation of evidence for possible slander litigation were recently sent out to more than 50 media, dioceses, and celebrities.

Wood told LifeSite that the list of recipients of the notices “continues to grow in number” and that the legal team is “in the process of sending formal written retraction demands in conformity with statutes in states in which litigation may be filed.” They expect to advance to the next stage and “file the first round of civil lawsuits within the next two weeks.”

Time to bring it all out. This article read like the PA Grand Jury reports or Windswept House.

“The overwhelming majority of gay abusers benefit from a pro-gay press, a pro-gay judiciary, and pro-gay academia, all of which shield them from scrutiny. Decades of propaganda have made it taboo to notice abusive patterns among homosexuals. People internalize myths of gay innocence and stay quiet when they see disturbing things happening.

But things change. Buck and Bean cannot hide from public outrage the way they used to. Years of conservative whistleblowing by ex-gay refugees like me, in combination with current MeToo obsessions, have changed the game forever.

When informants called out problems in the gay community, they were standing up to forces as massive as the Vatican. For how long have Catholic officials played the victim and cried “anti-Catholic” hatred?”


If the Church were a business, those at the top would be fired.

“Those of us who are older probably remember a time when Masses were crowded. The church parking lots were packed full, and if you didn’t arrive early enough you often had to park elsewhere and then stand during Mass. Catholic Schools had long waiting lists, and parents made sure to put their children on the list long before they reached school age. If you put up four walls, Catholics would fill them.

Beginning in the mid-sixties, however, weekly Mass attendance by Catholics began to drop. According to some polls, nearly 80 percent of Catholics were regular attendees in the mid-fifties; today, that figure has dropped to as low as 20 percent (depending on the polling methodology). Open dissent from Church teaching grew among the faithful and the clergy, especially after Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, which re-affirmed the rejection of artificial contraception. The autumn of our discontent and the “falling leaves” of defection of clergy and religious sisters from their vows and the faithful from their pews ushered in a long winter from which we have yet to emerge. Added to this are scandals of the worst kind, rooted in a loss of faith by the very ones sent to prophetically announce that faith. Corruptio optimi pessima!”

You decide. I have seen other studies and conversations with similar approximation. Look at the personnel Francis has in place. Personnel determines policy. “The 576-page book will be released in 8 languages ​​and 20 different countries and is already an Amazon number one bestseller through presales of the text. Martel asserts that 80 percent of Vatican clergy and prelates are gay, many of them actively so, a figure he claims to have arrived at after a four-year research period in which he enlisted the assistance of 80 researchers and translators and interviewed more than 1500 experts and Church insiders — including 41 cardinals — in 30 different countries.”

Yet another victim account I have listened to. I had to understand the abuse from their eyes. Yetter was a compromised exorcist. Case in point, James Grein asserts that McCarrick had a compromised exorcist as well. Many similar patterns starting to emerge.

BTW, my opinion, McCarrick should not be laicized. He should excommunicated. What does it say about the laity? Isn’t this a form of clericalism?

Bishops demean the office of bishop by their evil acts. Journalists reporting on the facts do not demean the office.

“In the May 30 meeting, Malone promised Gorlick that he was Yetter’s only victim and nobody else had come forward. Documentation has revealed, however, that Malone was aware of two other victims claiming Yetter had abused them as well.

Gorlick’s account of abuse by Yetter was publicly revealed in August 2018 in an award-winning special report by investigative reporter Charlie Specht for the Buffalo ABC affiliate, WKBW.”

Good question. Let me think out loud. Let’s start with some basic premises

  1. People don’t bite the hand that feeds them
  2. Follow the money
  3. How do candidates get votes

So, I reason that the bishops as a whole are more indebted to the socialists & Dems than they are to the Faith and their people. Common estimates of USCCB 40% of budget comes from the government. Then add investments & foundations generating a good return under the MAGA economy, my conclusion is that the bishops are more insulated from the giving of the pew than we care to admit.

However, with that being said, we all will have to give an account of how we have been stewards with the gifts given.

“Why should Catholics in his diocese reward him with giving him their money?

The question needs to be asked: Why is it that these men believe they are completely unaccountable to the sheep, that the sheep are owed nothing by way of explanation?”

Exactly what does the Church expect? Ranking over the faithful & society for years? The hierarchy had 16 years to show resolve but nothing. Vigano’s claims, the 200-300 page dossier BXVI gave to Francis, where is the investigation? The Vatican bank, Papal Foundation, corrupted exorcists, etc… Does anyone think if it wasn’t for the secular law enforcement this would have stopped?

“The victims have accused Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, who became archbishop of Lyon in 2002, of having allowed Preynat to continue serving as a priest and having contact with children despite years of rumors about his actions. Dan Brown has nothing on the truth coming to light.

Only time most bishops run their mouths is over MAGA hat wearing boys and open borders. Why might that be?

Barbarin, 68, went on trial last month and testified that he was unjustly accused. Because of lack of proof, or the statute of limitations that has had expired on charges of failing to help a person in danger, even the prosecutor has argued against convicting him and other church officials, saying there were no grounds to prove legal wrongdoing. A verdict is expected on March 7.

Ozon’s movie title comes from a press conference in Lourdes in 2016 when Barbarin, asked about the abuses by Preynat, said “most of the facts, by the grace of God, fell outside the statute of limitations.”

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