Laity Response

Not a bit surprised. What does RICO mean? What was the purpose of POTUS talking directly to Francis the Merciful about the EO coming into effect? Article well worth the time spent reading.

Cathy’* was a Special Deputy to an agency investigating narcotic trafficking for ten years. An RN with a master’s in psychology, she now works as a consultant to US law enforcement agencies, interviewing subjects as well as victims. She also coaches law enforcement working on undercover assignments, especially those that involve human trafficking.

For Catholics wondering what is going on behind the scenes with dioceses responding to law enforcement investigating the Catholic Church in 15 US states and at the Federal level, Cathy’s insights are quite timely.”

“CATHY: It’s important that everyone understand that the Catholic Church is now being investigated as a criminal organization on the federal level. This includes all entities within the Catholic Church, not just the dioceses. It’s the goal of law enforcement to bring an end to all of the criminal activity within the Church on every level.”

REGINA: If and when law enforcement succeeds in establishing a credible pattern of criminality within the US Church, is it possible that all Church assets would be frozen?

CATHY: It’s not only possible, it is probable that much if not all of the Church’s financial assets within at least the US would be frozen. It’s also possible that the Church’s physical assets could be seized.

REGINA: What would this mean for Church employees?

CATHY: Unfortunately for the employees of the Church having the Church’s assets frozen would mean that they would not be able to be paid, their benefits would not be able to be paid for. For the average Catholic this would also mean that their parish’s bills could not be paid.”

“Other crimes that are being looked into included drug trafficking, money laundering, embezzlement, human trafficking and crimes committed by American citizens outside the US.”

“While Fr. McCloskey’s misconduct long predates the current CIC leadership, we are deeply saddened by this news,” said the statement. “We wish to sincerely apologize – and offer our fervent prayers – to the victim, and anyone else who has suffered because of this misconduct by Fr. McCloskey.” Following the settlement, McCloskey was removed from his post and restrictions were placed on his public ministry.”