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Yet another instance of secular authorities bringing justice to the Church. Fasten your belts, the laity will be seeing more of pagan rulers reigning in the hierarchy.

“ In a major court victory for the diocese of Peoria, Illinois, a New York appellate court voted unanimously to send the remains of Ven. Abp. Fulton J. Sheen back to his midwestern hometown.

In a 5-0 vote Tuesday, a New York appeals court ruled that Joan Sheen Cunningham, niece and closest living relative to Sheen, with legal rights over his body, could have her uncle’s remains disinterred and transferred back to Peoria.

“I’m awfully glad it’s gone our way,” said Cunningham in comments to Church Militant. “This is the third time [the court] has ruled in our favor. I just hope that this will be the end of it.”

“It’s been a long haul,” she added.”

“The crisis in the Catholic Church is no secret. The Church is infested, at the highest levels, with homosexualists (people who want to normalize homosexuality), homosexual harassers (men who use positions of power to manipulate younger men into gay sex), pederasts (men who engaged in sex with post-pubescent teenage boys), financial criminals, heretics and liturgical abusers. This isn’t the first time in Church history we’ve seen a time such as this, but it may be the worst time, and the consequences are only now beginning to take shape.

In the United States, just about everything besides the heresy and liturgical abuse is criminal, or at least civilly liable, and in many cases, both. In the months and years ahead we will see the manifestation of an FBI/RICO investigation, wherein the US Catholic Church will be treated as a criminal organization. Some sources, in the know, have disclosed to the press that the federal investigation is already underway, people are being watched, finances are being tracked, and the FBI is still in the information-gathering stage at this time. Action comes next, only after the FBI gets everything lined up. So the following actions are imminent. We just don’t know when or where they will happen…”

To a large extent, it matters not what the hierarchy does. Their time has come and gone, for awhile. Some suggest about 10 years.

“The spokesperson of Laicos de Santiago, Osvaldo Aravena, said that Ezzati has been the one “leading, because when he had the opportunity of handing in information, he remained silent.”

“I believe that the only thing left to do: Let justice be done, and, in effect, those who’ve abused and covered up these grave crimes pay with prison.”

Do you have a spiritual safe house? Do you know how to discern it? One clue, does the place get funding from the bishops? What is a friend? Are there different types of friends?

“Prior to this allegation, Fr. Egan was the chaplain of Ave Maria Radio and was featured on the daily radio show “Fully Alive.”

“At the time of the allegation, Egan was no longer our chaplain,” said Al Kresta, president of Ave Maria Radio, in recent comments to Church Militant. “For years his activity had been marginal.”

In a statement in Sept. 2018, when Egan’s faculties were removed, Kresta wrote, “Shocked as I am, I continue to count him as a friend. A person is not fully defined by his basest acts.”

“I’m not sure further details satisfy any legitimate public interest at the moment,” he said, adding that a small group of laity is encouraging “complete transparency of all involved.”

“The lay faithful must take co-responsibility for the Church,” he said.

Kresta clarified in comments to Church Militant that his initial statement was inadequate, and that the diocese needs to do more in the way of transparency: “Almost immediately after posting that statement, I saw problems in the way the diocese was presenting the situation. We need more not less explanation and description.” “Thus, members of this faithful coalition will not be donating to your annual stewardship appeal. Instead, the hard-earned dollars of the laity will go to organizations that are helping to uncover and report on these abuses in the hopes of real reform.”

“Cardinal Collins in Toronto — shout out to you — just how long are you going let this fraud continue without saying something publicly? When are you going to make a public petition to your fellow Canadian bishops to stop giving him a couple hundred thousand dollars a year?

When are you going to pick up the phone and call the Gagliano family at St. Joseph’s Communications and suggest they stop giving him $400,000 a year?”

Justice globally is being served. Hot & ready. How long before Francis the Merciful is raided? Why hasn’t he returned to Argentina as is customary?

“Police in Costa Rica raided Church offices on Thursday for evidence related to clerical sex abuse allegations.

The offices of both the archdiocese of San José and the Costa Rican bishops’ conference were raided on Thursday by law enforcement. Police confiscated both physical documents and computers.

Costa Rica’s Judiciary Investigation Department conducted the raids March 7 in an effort to obtain information on the cases of Fr. Manuel Antonio Guevara Fonseca and recently laicized ex-priest Mauricio Viquez Lizano — both accused of sexual abuse of minors.

Officials were also looking for evidence of a potential cover-up by Abp. José Rafael Quiros Quiros of the San José archdiocese.”

Francis is irrelevant. Justice will be served. Hot & ready.

“- In an unprecedented legal move, the state of West Virginia has filed suit against Catholic authorities over sex abuse cover-up.

On Tuesday, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced a civil action against the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and its disgraced former bishop, Michael J. Bransfield, for allegedly “deceiving consumers and claiming their schools were safe when they were employing credibly accused pedophiles.”

Diocesan officials are accused of violating West Virginia consumer protection lawsby marketing Catholic schools as safe for children even as they “chose to cover up and conceal arguably criminal behavior of child sexual abuse.”

The announcement follows six months of investigation into whether “Catholic priests who were active or had been employed in West Virginia had been accused of sexually abusing children.”

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