Laity’s Response

“Justice must come to the household of faith. Directly, concretely, immediately. In the meantime, believers must get to work on the logs in their own eyes so that they can see sin clearly and have the moral clarity to deal with it not generations later, but now.”

Civil authorities must act. The Church is paralyzed.

“there is a cancer in the Catholic Church that needs to be eradicated. The cancer is not Catholicism, rather it is about the dangerous, corrupt behavior in far too many of the Bishops, including Sacramento Diocese Bishop Jaime Soto, who has been accused of shunning good and holy priests while protecting and covering for active, homosexual and predatory priests.

Cover-ups of the most aberrant and illegal behavior by priests and bishops need to be treated as the crimes they are. It is time to admit that there is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church which is directly linked to the sex abuse scandals.”

Resign or start deposing process. #LaitySilentNoMore…new-shepherd-fox-tv-host-calls-for-pope-to-resign-in-wake-of-vig

At this point what the Church or doesn’t do in terms of investigation is irrelevant. In America, a criminal investigation by the duly appointed civil servants is warranted. DOJ, US Marshall’s, states Attorney Generals, Texas Rangers, all of the above. Sooner, rather than later, midnight shredders could be going.

“This has immediate implications for the future of the American Church. How can anybody trust Rome to investigate the US bishops now? For years I’ve been told that the 2005-06 Vatican-ordered investigation of US seminaries was a sham because it was led by then-Archbishop, now Cardinal, Edwin O’Brien — believed by some insiders to be part of the lavender mafia, the gay lobby within the Church intent on protecting its own. In his testimony, Vigano says that O’Brien is indeed part of this group. How is it possible for anybody Rome appoints from within the Church to investigate now? It’s not.”

 “Church Militant was able to independently confirm that the Department of Justice is taking great interest in the possibility of a nationwide investigation into allegations of Catholic clerical sex abuse.”

Blaming Vat II is simplistic. The laity has a choice to know or not. That choice has profound consequences.

“Something was going wrong in the Church and/or the United States for at least 100 years. Vatican II is far too simple of a solution; as I said it was an effect, not a cause. It is our duty – and particularly the duty of orthodox scholars – to figure out what went wrong and take the action necessary to cure it. It is like a computer virus: if you don’t eliminate the corrupt file deep in the operating system, it will keep popping up and regenerating itself.

Yes, exactly. Why was the world of 1950s Catholicism so brittle? Why was it so unable to sustain itself? Those who simply want to find a scapegoat will blame Vatican II and be done with it. But those who genuinely want to understand what happened so as to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from the same fate will inquire more deeply.

Similarly, the cardinals who protected McCarrick rose under John Paul II and Benedict. This tells us at least that having good popes who say the right things is not enough.”

Judgment error? Again requiring laity outrage. So tired of failing shepherds.

“Taking a lot of heat for the outrageous $2.3 million luxury home purchase, Bishop McGrath announced he “erred in judgment” (got caught) when he bought the five-bedroom home using the Diocese of San Jose’s money, and won’t move there after all when he retires, the San Jose Mercury News reported later the same day. “McGrath said he plans instead to live in a rectory at one of the diocese’s parishes.”

What does the laity speaking up look like?

“It is time that those bishops, archbishops, and cardinals who are innocent of such conduct stand up and force a house-cleaning. In the meantime, the laity should speak up loud and clear.”

“Shapiro concluded powerfully, “When you are treating the pedophilia of children and the mistreatment of children, abuse of children, as a political football in order to protect your guy, I would suggest that you’re the evil one in the scenario.”

Church Militant a go to source for the latest on the massive, massive scandal.

“Michael Voris’ Church Militant site, which once routinely condemned all criticisms of any Pope, has now come out in favour of Viganò. “

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