Lent Episode 1


I. Chronological Ordering Ash Wednesday Precedes Lent

II. To Understand Ash Wednesday, Lent First Considered

III. Liturgical Calendars

Traditional Rite: 2 Liturgical Cycles

Cycle 1: The Christmas Cycle with 3 seasons

  • Advent 4 weeks preceding Dec 24
  • Christmastide Vespers of Dec 24 to 13 January (Octave of Epiphany). Feast ends 12 Days of Christmas but spiritual focus does not end until Feb 2 Candlemas, Presentation of the Lord
  • Time after Epiphany Jan 14 to 3 Sundays before Ash Wednesday

Cycle 2: Easter Cycle

  • (Septuagesmia) means 70, recalls Babylonian exile 3rd Sunday before Wednesday to Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras
  • Lent (Quadragesima) 40 days Ash Wednesday to (Palm) Saturday before Easter
  • Passiontide Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday
  • Eastertide Easter Vigil to Pentecost Sunday
  • Season After Pentecost to First Sunday Advent Holy Spirit in the Church Age[1]

Concise, pivotally directed to High Ho0ly Days, be4ttter general sense, 2 anchors to Christian life

Non-partial to ordinary time, poetry of terms Whitsun, Passiontide, Names to Sundays tying to Gospel, familiar terms more instructive and less pedantic

Organic to think about Lent 3 weeks prior to Ash Wednesday built into the Liturgy

Codified three weeks out from great encounter with the Lord, want to emerge victorious with Him, how will we do it?

Going into battle, anything of serious requires time & preparation

Novus Ordo: The Proper of Time, 6 Seasons

Advent- 4 weeks preparation before Jesus’ birth

Christmas Dec 24 to Baptism of the Lord

Lent 6-week period of penance before Easter, begins Ash Wednesday ends Holy Thursday

Holy Week, not Passion week, lost reference to passion

Lost objects of meditation Palm Sunday, Fig Monday (Day Lord cursed fig tree), Spy Wednesday (Judas met with high priests). Maundy Thursday (mandatum, commandment a new commandment I give to you) Good Friday (good denotes piety or holiness) Holy Saturday (a quiet day)

Good Friday only day really left


In our lifetime would have had these ideas at their fingertips

Anglican tradition retains vocabulary

Sacred Paschal Triduum Evening of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, to evening of Easter Sunday (really Easter Vigil to make 3 in terms of days but Easter celebration in terms of 3 events)[2]

Easter 50 days of Joyful celebration ends on Pentecost, first Sunday, first full moon of spring

Ordinary Time- divided into two times one after Christmas season, the other after Easter

Ordinary lost of Latin, lose sense of words

Ordinary = boring Americans

No liturgical connection, time implanting according to the order, what have learned in the liturgy bring into setting the world. What has been learned is the order, ordinary way of living

Ordinary does not have that connotation at all to modern man.

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