Lent Episode 7


Sara reflection busy mother, grandmother idea simplicity, simple pleasures

How to simplify during lent?

Extracurricular activities of children. How to find the balance?

How to carve out time for family?

Hyper scheduled because we can. Fill 36 hrs/day instead of 24 hr.

A process of discernment.

Realistic expectations of these opportunities, not future gains, is it worth doing today, for one day?

Sara’s father died day before high school graduation. Is it worth doing today.

Homeschooling free up time not carpooling.

Activities that all the family can be part of.

Leagues that all the children can be part of. Swim meets all the family.

Familial instead of individual. In high school more latitude and liberty.

Say no with sincerity. Not no with punition. Not a No of punishment

Adam & Eve No was a blessing not a punishment

Be a blessing for children, parents understand long term ramifications to family.

Children are exhausted and jaded. Time to sit under a tree reading a book must be planned.

Time Either spend it or waste it

Time absolute equality of man. Everyone gets 24 hrs/day, richest and poorest.

Society of envy, constant looking over shoulder. Try to make one like the other.

Will not sacrifice, given treasure in earthly vessel, nurture

Fritter children’s’ hours away

Lent must be a time for reassessment for children’s’ schedule

Society has cratered in 50 years, careening out of control

Lent is a pause button, stop be still, know that I am God

Interiority needs a space within 24 hours both for ourselves and our children