Love Episode 2

As finite creatures we cannot know the totality of God who is infinite

However, with the coming of the Son, we do have sure knowledge and access to relationship with the Father

God’s love precedes our love for Him

Use of imagination in the love of God and our growing in maturity

Loving God<> become like God

God never stops loving us

Human Father wound can hinder man’s relationship with God the Father

Identity is one of Son or Daughter of the Father not what we do or the money we might have or not

Crisis of marriage and family in our times

Due in part to unreasonable expectation of perfection without regard for human foibles, human nature

False images of family presented as norm

Disorder, apathy, & profound solitude follows

Love requires relationship; it is not good for man to be alone

JPII Familial relationship within the Trinity and having that inform our own personal relationships

Paucity of words for love in English language compared to various words for water , ice & snow by the Eskimos

The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis suggested