Malachi Martin

What year does this make this outrage? 1962-1963 The evil belly of this massive massive nightmare is being revealed. What do you think happened to this Satanic victim? What demonic oaths were uttered? What occurs in Satanic rituals of this scale? Are there other locations/covens invoved? Ora pro nobis.

“According to the documentation, the sexual assault happened on the property of St. Mary’s parish in Greenville, South Carolina and involved both then-Fr. Bernardin and Bishop John J. Russell and was part of a satanic ritual involving desecration of the Holy Eucharist.”

Bannon is correct, it is getting much worse, but it is not because of ecology. Rather, it is nefarious in nature.

“He is lying about his actions in dealing with the most existential crisis I think the Church has ever been in. This is going to rapidly lead, and I have said this consistently now for a year, towards an even bigger crisis.

That crisis is now inextricably linked with this Pope. I have been his biggest supporter as far as the direct succession and not resigning when [Archbishop Carlo Maria] Viganò came out with the memo [his August 2018 testimony calling on Francis to resign for rehabilitating McCarrick]. I was the first conservative to say, when there was this braying for his resignation, “No.” I said: “He is the successor to Christ. He’s the vicar of Christ. There’s been a logical succession. You can’t do that. We can’t have guys resigning. We can’t have popes resigning.”

But the situation now is going to pick up momentum and is going to get worse, and he is fixated on issues like climate change and other issues. “

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