Malachi Martin

“In Martin’s novel, all of the evils in the Church stem from a Satanic ritual at the opening of the book in which the Church is essentially consecrated to the devil. This may seem beyond the realm of possibility but James Grein, one the victims of McCarrick’s predation, said in his most recent interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall, without getting into many details, that regarding diabolic activity in the Church, “It was prevalent.” In this era of the red pill, it is unwarranted to rule out any plausible hypotheses that might explain the present condition of the Church.

Martin’s novel is historical fiction and the astute reader will quickly identify and locate his characters in the late twentieth-century Church. The benefit of reading Martin’s work almost 25 years later is that the puzzle pieces fall into place as one looks at the portrait of the current Church in crisis. Windswept House presents a Curia and a body of bishops in revolt against the Slavic pope, actively working to undermine his agenda. In response, the reader finds a pope who is willfully impotent in halting a progressive program being advanced under his nose. If what Martin describes is an accurate depiction of the Church during pontificate of John Paul II, then one can begin to understand how the rot within the Church was able to fester even under the direction of popes widely perceived as staunchly orthodox.”