Melting Catechism

“ Yes, it’s the Cateshlism of the Catholic Church (CCC), that “sure norm for teaching” amid our confused and troubled age; and All Thanks Be to Whomever that we have such a laudable, squishable text! A document which, rather than vex our confusion with certainties, continues to exhibit the profoundly pastoralish brilliance of eloquent ambiguity.

And while we must refrain from taxing your mental capacities, Dear Reader, with a complete list of the Many Marvelous Mutations exhibited by the Incredible Melting Catechism™ over the years, we must highlight a few of its more serviceable switcheroos, for your reading pleasure:

  • Don’t like angels? Prefer “cosmic” and “social” stuff?#57, CHANGED!
  • Taught universal salvation and need to cover your tracks?#1281, CHANGED!
  • Sick of hearing about that old Roman Canon?#335, CHANGED!
  • Hiding a novel rewrite of the Litany of Saints?#1014, CHANGED!

A more thorough account of the CCC’s First Major Melt can be viewed here, an-….”

The Incredible Melting Catechism!