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“We have so many companies making so many products,” Trump said. “We have the act to use in case we need it, but we have so many things being made right now by so many — they’ve just stepped up.”

Mr. Trump said that Hanes is converting manufacturing capabilities to produce protective masks. Distilleries are switching from making alcoholic drinks like whiskey to making sanitizers and disinfectants. Automakers, including General Motors, are retrofitting plants to make ventilators.

All are answering the call of duty amid a pandemic that has so far claimed more than 11,000 lives and sickened 260,000 people globally.

Redirecting plants to make completely different products take a huge effort — but companies are moving much faster than was previously thought possible..

At a news conference earlier this week, Trump singled out GM — which in 1952 designed and built what the company says was the first mechanical pump used in heart surgery — as one of many businesses that have asked to start making medical gear.

“We are literally being besieged in a beautiful way by companies that wanted to do the work,” he said. “They want to help our country.”


“ One of my Parteners [sic] told me his life turned around (in a good way) in 2019 when he started working for HEB. He loves working here! Thanks for helping us take very good care of Partners!” one user wrote.

“Thank you @HEB for being the model of what a company should look like!” another commented, adding, “And thank you to each of your employees and suppliers for getting us through this tough time. You are appreciated.”

In addition to helping its partners, the grocery chain announced Monday that it planned to give $300,000 to support a unique coronavirus research project in San Antonio, Texas.

“H-E-B will dedicate $300,000 to assist Texas Biomedical Research Institute, a San Antonio-based organization with a team dedicated to coronavirus research that will have a global impact,” the statement said. ”