Modernism: Episode 1



Pius X Modernists

Pascendi Dominici Gregis

(Feeding the Lord’s Flock)[1]

Pascendi Dominici Gregis (Sept 8, 1907)

Lamentabili Sane (July 3, 1907)

 Why & History

Why study a document over 100 years old? Is it relevant today? Who should teach it?

Pius X canonized saint, so his writings are proposed as a means of truth. Encyclicals are not canon, but they can safely aid us in following the Lord especially if the author is canonized. NB under the more stringent process of canonization.

Feeding the Lord’s Flock, as wives and mothers tasked for feeding lambs, we must know what the dangers are to help those entrusted to us to avoid them

We must examine the errors to see if they are relevant for today.

Pius X took new measures to combat these problems in spite of the Church always needing to contend with heresies (Arianism, Gnosticism, etc): Anti-Modernist Oath, vigilance councils, exclusion of priesthood and teaching positions, prohibition to publish, control overly priestly conventions[2] Pius thought the problem grave and immediate in 1907-1908.

Current Application

Does this not ring true today?

#2 The partisans of error are to be sought not only among the Church’s open enemies; but what is to be most dreaded and deplored, in her very bosom, and are the more mischievous the less they keep in the open.

I propose that in fact, the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests espouse confusion, apostasy, and insertion of error into highly placed institutions so that the Flock cannot securely have recourse to truth.

Consider a few highlights:

Amoris Latiae, the Dubia by 4 cardinals (2016), 2 who have died has been left unanswered.[3]

The Catechism of the Catholic Church inclusion of the death penalty, a teaching in direct contradiction of 2000 years of vigorous defense.

Pontifical Biblical Commission promotion of a contrary understanding of human sexuality.[4]

The statement that dare we hope all men are saved, and the corollary, that Hell is empty by seminary professors.[5]

Past 6 months more reading of encyclicals prior to Vatican II, then reread Familiaris Consortio. Words more concrete in prior documents. Lack of clarity, raised by Modernists priest and theologians for many years. Lack of obedience a great barrier to solution.

Sometimes language archaic but refreshing. Harm is hidden in [amoris Latitae reference document and other problems check files]

Unwillingness to follow through with conclusions of beliefs

No clarity, intentional obfuscation, words can seem true, incredibly wishy washy

Talk about Christ of other Faiths, by modernists standards, have Christ of History, Christ of Miracles, Christ of Catholicism.

There is no such Christ.

Gob smacked by Modernism. Erudite professors that Matthew or Mark not author. How can you possibly know more than Augustine or Jerome with your disconnect from history?

Saving grace of faith, suspicious of them not the text handed down

I refer listeners to my blog or other news outlets for a more detailed list of outrages against the Faith, and thus against Our Lord himself.

I contend, that the warnings of Pius 100 years ago are even more pressing today. Who could have imagined only 15 years ago the open promotion of sodomy and marriage being morally equal choices amongst the hierarchy or the comparison of Theotokos to Pachamama?

The time for lamentation is over. Action based on truth, orthopraxis and orthodoxy. As mothers, grandmothers, educators we must know and teach our flock.

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