Modernism Episode 3


Reluctance to use the term philosopher, lover of wisdom

Sophists marketing sell a certain product

Want the fruit without the effort, knowledge or love of growing the fruit

Eve wanted the wisdom without God, not possible

Eg/ Plant seed, to fruit, a long time must past before consumption, want access to wisdom without any effort

Garden of Grace, gardens require much effort before harvest

Vital Immanence or immanentism[1] Second Plank

Vital= of life latin vitalis

Immanence, Latin, to dwell within,

“in its most rigid form reduces all reality to the subject, which is said to be the source, the beginning, and the end of all its creativity activity. It is the final development of the Cartesian ‘turn to the subject’.”

Due respect to Descartes, foolishness ‘I think therefore I am’ his attempt to know who he is.

Subjectivizes creation.

We know being must proceed thought. God does not say I think, rather I am.

Thought proceeds from His being.

Our essence makes us real, not our thoughts.

Ex/ some people cannot think, but they are still people

Modern society determines those who are thinking, who are worthy to be in God’s image or likeness

Vital Immanence Vital immanence is revelation to the Modernist. All dogma is a reflection on what was immanent in each believer as it contributed to the “collective consciousness” of the Church, which herself evolved from a primitive community of believers.[2]

Modernists Kant, Friedrich Schleiermacher and followers made Kant’s immanence a ‘religious sentiment”. This religious sentiment stimulates in man a need for expressing his faith in symbols, external cult, and creed. This is in opposition to acknowledging that God is transcendent, outside of man

Says St. Pius, #19 “The philosopher has declared: The principle of faith is immanent; the believer has added: This principle is God; and the theologian draws the conclusion: God is immanent in man. Thus we have theological immanence.” These principles ultimately lead to pantheism, as the Holy Father affirms, and therefore deny the very nature of God. Pachama.

New Ageism the same, part of this heresy. Every heresy finds a home in Modernism

Pius is writing all appears sound in the kingdom, convents & seminaries full, laity going to Mass, n o rupture. Somewhat unscathed for individual from enlightenment.

Astounding saw breeches.

Paul VI smoke Satan entered cracks. No one harken to his warning.

Houses of study reading modernism surreptitiously.

What does it mean a Pope cannot teach heresy? Simple faith, scatter shot effect of chaos, believe father give them could things.

Millstone around necks of little ones, not just children but childlike faith. People have gentle childlike faith been taken advantage of.



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