Modernism Episode 5


The referenced article does an excellent job summarizing, footnoting, referencing, that I will gladly refer to Brother Andre’ Marie Sep 9, 2007 efforts[1]

3 Modernist’s Planks Effect on Doctrines

This three-fold doctrine is so complete in its denials of faith and reason that there is literally no area of dogma which has not been poisoned by its wicked root. Everything has been subjected to transformation by the unholy trinity:

Revelation – Vital immanence is revelation to the Modernist. All dogma is a reflection on what was immanent in each believer as it contributed to the “collective consciousness” of the Church, which herself evolved from a primitive community of believers.

Holy Scripture – A symbol arising from man’s need to externalize his religious sentiment, not the inspired and inerrant word of God.

Grace – Something implicit in nature, not a supernatural elevation from outside man to unite him to a transcendent God.

Everyone has God in them.

Ex/ potter and pottery.

Dogma – An ever-evolving product of the collective conscious in which the individual articles of the faith bear no direct conformity to objective reality. Death penalty, contraception, no tie to external standard.

The Sacraments – Mere symbols which do not effect grace and which were not given to us by the “historical Christ.”

Thomas Jefferson cut out miraculous in his Bible. Christ nice guy. Nice guys don’t get put on crosses.

Infiltration of these thoughts into Church. All revelation ended with death of apostles. Up to Enlightenment Church successful in safe guarding deposit. Voracious appetite for their own bravado, false courage founded on nothing.

The Church – a product of the collective conscious and something that must be reformed by the Modernists themselves, something also utterly unnecessary, since the Modernists are radical Indifferentists.[18] It is also, in its present state, an enemy of progress.

Christology – An essentially impossible study, since the “Christ of history” is not the same as the “Christ of faith.”

The Trinity An impossible reality, given Modernism’s prevalent pantheism: “[W]ill not the very name of God or of divine personality be also a symbol …?”[19]

Holy Spirit in a state of grace, does not reside in impure vessels, baptized, confirmation

Moderns are entitled to heaven, have a right to sit at His table.

Even sinless, our limited nature cannot apprehend his infinitude. Sin compounds this gulf between God and man.

It is no wonder, then, that the Holy Father declared Modernism the synthesis of all heresies, going on to say: “Were one to attempt the task of collecting together all the erros that have been broached against the faith and to concentrate the sap and substance of them all into one, he could not better succeed than the Modernists have done.”[20]

Modernists remain in the Church, seek to destroy it from within. If the Church can be wrong about Justice, Mercy, Marriages Scripture, Heaven & Hell, what can She can know? What can the Flock know? Appeal to the Catechism or the Pontifical Biblical Commission is not available any longer.

Modern families busy don’t have time to track down heresies, nothing, rice cake theology.

Empty of substance. At Mass by priests sadly unaware of lack of their own formation.

St. Peter to lame men, get up in name of Christ get up walk. Peter given grace by Christ and he knew it.

Priest unnourished, give what they have, nothing leads to nothing

Faith substance things hoped for. Can faith in afterlife without hope of attaining it. Hope expectation of what believed.

Maybe they have faith but not supernatural hope. No assuredly tomorrow.

  1. And here we have already some of the artifices employed by Modernists to exploit their wares. What efforts they make to win new recruits! They seize upon chairs in the seminaries and universities, and gradually make of them chairs of pestilence. From these sacred chairs they scatter, though not always openly, the seeds of their doctrines; they proclaim their teachings without disguise in congresses; they introduce them and make them the vogue in social institutions.[2]

No authority of congresses or conferences.

Married priests, James Martin.

Never been as bold in preaching heresy.

We were first generation of dumbed down. Now giving rotten meat. People so hungry eat the rotten meat. No way to judge what is wholesome.

Chairs of pestilence indeed!

[1] accessed Jan 30, 2020