Modernism Episode 7


Practical Suggestions 

What is our track record on teaching Faith to our Family?

No guarantee or recipe for success.

Yoke easy burden light. Trust in promise. Not a panacea nor recipe.

God permits somethings. If children leave Faith cling to hop and good conscience. He will be Faithful.

– Be very, very careful who you allow to form both yourself and your children. I just recently heard mother lament the Catholic youth formation program how it unfolded in her adult daughter’s life. Daughter given rice cake unbeknownst to her. Lapsed catholic, grandchildren being raised away from faith.

Reaganesque principle, trust but verify. Eternal vigilance.

Ex/ stamp Christendom, Steubenville, Theology of the Body. Only good yesterday. No surety good tomorrow. Due diligence.

Certain indicators. Sex Education. Think experts should teach, gift from the Lord, through it out.

The human person, don’t get that right, nothing else.

Like Theology of the Body, read his work, don’t rely on others.

JPII Institute bears his name, TOTB reconciled with Amoris Laetitia presented with radical vision of modernism.

JPII saint not infallible ex cathedra. Encyclical may not be at level of ex cathedra.

– How do you know if something is ‘good’? Time, fruits, does your heart recognize the truth.

Our dear Lord wants us to know truth. He will lead you to the truth if asked.