Modernism Episode 8


-Lead a moral life. It is very hard to hear the voice of the Lord and commit serious sin. Pornography, contraception, sterilization, excess material pleasure dull our ‘soul ears’.

Gossip, adultery, put favorite sin clouds vision.

– Confession monthly sacrament given by Christ not primitive Church conscious

– Prayer life- Holy Mass & quiet 15 min daily Christian meditation, Rosary our Lady has been insistent on this point for past century for our troubled and doctrinal confusing times

Prayer, Church like a banquet table, Our Lady insistent for our times pray the Rosary

Prayer of the angel, meditation life, death & resurrection of the Lord. Put self in the scene.

Family environment out loud potential plenary indulgence with usual conditions of Confession and detachment from sin.

– Observe the Liturgical seasons in the home

Fun with little children, Marian procession in the homes. Have one at the house inside if raining outside if nice, good meals, sing songs, littlest one leads, it is a fun day.

– Have a child like confidence the our heavenly Father wants us to know His voice more than we can possibly want it. Reason for Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mary, guardian angels, people we encounter etc… His helps are varied and personalized to each person

– The more we draw close to Him, the easier it becomes to discern His Truth, His voice from the false and fake voices, regardless of title or degree.

Regardless if they sit in a chair of pestilence. Talking about brother bishops, pulls no punches.

No charity in allowing a viper around feet of your children.

Cease frenetic activity. Just stop. Don’t need in 55M sports, extracurricular school production.

Time cocoon of family. Don’t partition family to everyone else put your own.

Time for being out, time for being in heart of phone. Put phones away, be present, don’t text, dall when visit in person. Work in front not in back, find a way for human encounter.

Church community is a family. Modern portioning group. VBS, youth group, versus festivals for everyone.

People know how to separate in group came as a family unit left as a family un oit.

If worried about youth group bought into modernist lie.

Better question, where is the family group?

Church is first of unity Family of God not factionalism

Homeschooling brings this out clearly. History of man has been largely been focused around family.

Lord entrust children to us as mothers. No one else entrusted to us as profoundly as our children.

Rediscovery authentic vocation of family antidote to Modernism.

Become aware of heresies, turn to the Lord, don’t despair, be a signpost of caution for others.