Student loans What has liberalism touched and it got better? Anything? College education used to be a harbinger of economic success, now it has become a giant albatross around the necks of young adults. What do you think the indentured will do against the generation that set them up? Who co-signed those loans? Why does Socialism attract the desparate?

“Younger adults— those under age 35—have reduced their spending compared with previous generations possibly because of weakened job prospects, delayed marriage, and educational debt.

Policy makers have recognized that lower spending limits economic growth. As a result, a number of policies to boost younger adults spending such as forgiving student debt have entered the political arena, according to Richard Curtin, director of the University of Michigan consumer survey.

Student loans make up the majority of the $1,005,000,000,000 owed by this cohort, followed by mortgage debt. New mortgages among young adults today remain quite a bit below levels incurred in the early 2000s.

Although mortgage debt represents the vast majority of overall consumer debt, student loan debt is growing at a faster pace, Fortune reported.

“Since 2009, mortgage debt increased 3.2 percent while student loan debt grew 102 percent,” Fortune reported.”

Funny “The couple arrived and began making recommendations right away, showing God on their laptop how they could refresh the millions of rooms with some simple, low-cost improvements and lots of backsplash and shiplap.”